Phantasia is a dissociative favored among performers of all stripes, especially stage actors. It sharpens memory, makes anticipations feel certain, and causes an endorphin rush each time that anticipation turns out to be true. For some, this can result in an orgasmic experience.

Phantasia? Oh that's fun stuff! Tricky stuff. Makes you feel a very particular way. Like... powerful déjà vu. You know? It tells you what to do next. Listen to it—ride it, it just gets better n' better, until your thighs are shakin' and your heart is skippin' and... pow.

You're cute. Got any? I'd love to play~!

— D'Vess L'Anhelica, Actress

Phantasia is a drug which actors take to help them get into a role. It makes the user as heavily experience their role as it does to disassociate them from it. It's said by actors that it "makes you experience the world in beats. You so become a part of the show that following your roles becomes a religious ritual."

For others, it can make them feel self-conscious about their routines.

God, no, I can't touch the stuff. It just makes me realize that I live in this tight little routine and I get all claustraphobic. I don't want to spend every day thinking about how I'm this insignificant little bug meandering in circles until I die.

Better to let each day feel unique, for me.

— Aner'rec SinClaire Gak'kasta, Actor

It is best experienced by actors, or by people who are taking it while enjoying a story or experience they have enjoyed many times over before. This is because it is at its stronges when the user can anticipate what comes next, which is what allows it to stimulate an intense fantasia within the theather of the mind to enhance the moment and provide visions of what comes next. Many describe it as "dreaming while awake".

I always come to this theater. Their phantasia is the best, and their actors are beautiful, perfect at hitting every little line and motion. The show takes on such an incredible depth after you've seen it a dozen times and start adding phantasia to the mix. It's like your mind starts adding its own special effects.

— Tanggie Sulimyn, Critic

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Phantasia is moderately habit forming for users who already find great comfort in routine, making them crave both the drug and the associated routine.

If Phantasia continues to be abused, the user will develop compulsion disorders, and may suffer depressive episodes as their body takes a reduced high from the drug.


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