Swing is a drug developed for the military to stave off combat stress. To drive down the prices, the producing company released a weaker version on the civilian market as a party drug.

Many people compare life to a song, each of us riding along our own melody and genre. Some of us suffer from a boring tune, we walk through life with no inspiration and no spring in the step.   Club Kismet graciously offers the people a way to kick up the volume- a nightly concert of inspiration that comes in the shape of lasers, holograms, a dance floor, and a little pill.   No matter what sort of sonorous troubles life throws at us, those Swing tablets will get the band playing again.   We'll see you tonight.
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The most common usage for Swing is to bring up a party and reset the mind for care-free relaxation. Clubs and venues sell Swing doses for party goers to ensure a good time.  


A secondary use of Swing is to help combat battle fatigue or combat short-term insanity.   Military Quartermasters and mercenaries often field dosages of Swing before and after combat to help soldiers settle down or forget the horrors of war.

A Party Starter

Swing is a creation of the booming Hedon pharmaceutical market. The process of creating Swing involves the distillation of a genetically engineered mushroom strain into pill form. The creation process been improved over centuries and is now one of Hedon's largest drug exports.   The name comes from its common usage at parties, a reference to Swing music and its reputation as a care-free music style. Many advertisements for Swing promote it like a musical kickstart.   The reputation of Swing is that of an upper. It combines a mild amnesiac with an explosion of endorphins and altered senses that can make users "Forget their troubles and get into the party." Swing is a common handout for those entering Hotel Californias, and while it has to potential to be addictive, the effects are generally countered by airborne dosages of Clean Slate.


Most Banners allow Swing for recreational purposes, though the importation is regulated as a way to track Hedon cultural warfare. Only The Church of The Somnolent outright bans the usage of Swing except in military applications.
Top:A tab of Swing resembles a Sazashi's iris.

Cover image: A Tablet of Swing by Ademal


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