Anhedonia (Insanity)

Written by Barron


While Anhedonia has been a known disease even before the The Advent War, it has recently been brought to the limelight by the amount of sufferers in .   Anhedonia is seen as the cruel reality of people working in the wrong professions or being overworked in the right ones. (Which is why it has earned the nickname Lackeyitis)   Anhedonia can also be seen in people who have dealt with overly stressful situations. While it has become a treatable disease, many still do not realize they are suffering from Anhedonia before it has spiraled out of control.  


Anhedonia can take a few forms, but in Ethnis it is generally lumped together under the inability to enjoy things that were once enjoyed. It is classified as a subclass of depression, and Anhedonia can often times lead to other forms of depression as well.  

A lack of Motivation

Because Anhedonia subtracts the joy taken from many common activities, motivation to do anything becomes more and more rare and fleeting. Anhedonia can spiral out of control without intervention.  


Recovering from Anhedonia starts with proper diagnostics, it often comes down to coworkers and loved ones intervening with the afflicted and forcing them to get help. Once that is done, the patient can undergo Auric treatment to help sooth away the Anhedonia and return them to normal.   Most workplaces provide treatment for these bouts of depression if they can be clinically proven, but that often comes with forced reassignment as depression can often be the direct result of a unhealthy workplace.

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The colors of the world dim. That which once affected you now earns no smile, or perhaps the barest of frowns.
Whenever you would Gain or Lose Sanity, Gain or Lose [Δ] less instead, down to 0.
2, 3Choose a Value and mark it off as though you fulfilled it, but gain no bonus.
Life has become meaningless. Love does nothing, food does nothing. It's like the entire world is made of grey nothing.
— Anhedonia Sufferer

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Summer Camp Prompt 20

Write about a mental illness in your world and how people respond to this.

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