Retnouc's Counter

Miss Penna's Cafe

Retnouc's Counter is a cafe in Fullent run by Isabelle Penna. While the establishment is small and frequented by few, those that do find themselves inside its doors once almost certainly become returning and frequent customers.  


After graduating from the Riselle Academy for Magical Girls in the early 430s, Isabelle Penna traveled to a few other cities in Tiveley looking for work, but found nothing she enjoyed. Eventually she found herself back in Fullent, as she missed the culture of the area.   Spending two years working as a waitress, she found she loved the time with people, but hated working for someone else. So when her mother passed away in 438, she took her inheritance, bought a shop, and opened her own cafe.   She liked customers, but quickly discovered she had little skill in either food or marketing, and her business quickly began to fail. Luckily, another girl from Riselle's graduated in the spring of 439 and was willing to work for peanuts.   Where Miss Penna loved people, Ruta Castles loved food. She was content to stay in the back happy for her boss to take care of the front of the shop.   While Ruta's abilities brought incredible pastries to the cafe, her specialty was her drinks.

Standard Customer Routine

On visiting Retnouc's, customers choose any available table. Miss Penna is almost always ready to take their order before they've seated themselves, and for regular customers may even have their order ready for them.   Customers are encouraged to enjoy the atmosphere. Soft music fills the air, although no instruments are anywhere to be seen. If someone wants to chat, Miss Penna is glad to visit, but she doesn't force herself on anyone. Several of her customers escape to the cafe just to enjoy the solitude of the often sparsely-populated room.   Payment is collected as the customer prepares to leave, although regulars may run tabs.
  Customers normally visit Retnouc's for one of two reasons:
  • Conversation -- Isabelle Penna has good stories from her few years of travel and good insight into people's problems and lives
  • Relaxation -- The quiet, clean atmosphere and light easy food gives an escape from the busy, noisy world outside.



Sunrise to Noon
  • Various Pastries
  • Fresh Fruit


Noon to 3 hours after
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads


Any time before closing (dark)
  • Various Pastries
  • Chocolates
  • Cheese and Crackers


All day
  • Fruit Juices
  • Milk


With two tables for four, two tables for two, and a table for an entire party, no more than twenty patrons can fit into Retnouc's at any one time. The main counter is at the far end of the room, but Miss Penna is seldom behind the counter, while Ruta is seldom seen.
Cafe / Tearoom
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Famous and Frequent Customers



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