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The Flot

Everyone hangs out at the Flot. Even kids who don't like having fun hang out at the Flot, because that's just where everyone goes. ~A random kid
  Originally a large storage warehouse, the Flot was converted into a home sometime around 400 P/DE, and then when it was vacated due to difficulty it was turned into an after-school educational center. The educational part did not stick, but the kids did.  

The Place to Be

  Every kid from age 10 until full adulthood (18) is welcome at the Flot. As an unofficial rule, it's only those between those ages who are permitted in the building, although this is not kept too rigorously.   It does have something of a reputation for being the first place a kid will try alcohol. Even with this in mind, there have only been a few instances over the years where this has become an actual problem and more than just teenagers pushing boundaries.     The Flot has featured all kinds of games over the years, depending on what was in vogue at the time. It has remained perpetually popular because its centralized location both increased accessibility for all, while its location in the Arthanion (where no one lives) also made it something of a destination.


The outer shell of the building has remained a squat, square shape, with lots of windows and plenty of doors. The interior has shifted several times, however, from a broad open floor plan to accommodate the items being stored, to plenty of interior walls to serve as a home, and eventually to a combination of both elements.


It's an unusually short for being found in the Arthanion Sector. It also lacks the basement typical of such structures, and is perhaps most unusual for being meant for physical storage, instead of within the Ether.   It was constructed using metal and glass, reinforced with the usual polymers, and with greater than usual care paid toward making it secure against environmental concerns. Kind of strange for a warehouse. In any case, this served it well when it became an educational center, because minimal upgrades were required to make it safe for children
Founding Date
300 P/DE
Warehouse, Residential
Parent Location


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