The Copper Citadel

The Copper Citadel panders to the sexual, and companionship, desires of all ages, sexes, orientations, and identities. Everything is available, for a cost.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of The Copper Citadel is for the sexual pleasure of it's patrons, though it may also host small tournaments, meetings, and has even served as a central command in times of war or siege on the city.


Rooms meant for meetings, bathing, and extra rooms for rent were added on about three years after the initial construction of the building.
An underground area was carefully carved out and constructed with rooms that were meant to contain the excessive messes made by more excitable and demanding patrons.


The building itself is built from local sandstone, imported pale colored timbers, and the usual light red clay/mud mixture that most buildings are made of. It sports a lot of pillars, arches, tall ceilings, balconies, and airy spaces. The overlapping tiles on the roof are made from lightweight timber shingles, and the most prominent and tallest part of the roof is the dome of imported and shaped copper sheets which is considered to be one of the greatest works of artistry in the kingdom.


The Copper Citadel was constructed early on in the city's life, used temporarily as the home for the ruling royal family until The Deep Warrens was finished being constructed, and it quickly became the home of a large brothel owned by the city's most desirable and wealthy prostitute Andreas Harrow. About a year after it's inital build the Citadel added an underground set of rooms, followed two years later by extra above ground rooms. Currently the Copper Citadel remains under Andreas's care and control.


Most of the tourism to the building is driven by those who are looking for a good time for companionship if not for sex. This attracts all sorts of people from all walks of life and they come to explore the many services provided by the Citadel from something as innocent as taking a lovely companion for walk through the public halls, to relieving deeper, darker, more sadistic urges carried out in the red rooms deep beneath the building itself. Some patrons stay overnight in comfortable rooms that range in size and amenities depending on what you can afford, though most who come through stay no longer than an hour or two and have plenty of lounge rooms, a library or a kitchen in which they can socialize and enjoy during their time there.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Copper Top, The Dome
Brothel / Whorehouse
Parent Location


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