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1 Dec, 2020 13:01

Este artículo me gustó tanto que ahora quiero un pasaje a tu mundo, a este edificio y que me hagan masajes. ¿Cómo lo negociamos?

1 Dec, 2020 21:35

Si yo supiera, Melu, si yo supiera... (Gracias por el comentario <3)

8 Dec, 2020 13:06

A delightful menu indeed... do they offer three course meals?   (Also I love the rule of everyone having to chip in on cleaning duties!)

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
I also make worldbuilding resources!
30 Dec, 2020 19:36

I love that everyone has to help with the cleaning. It sounds like a place that would actually have a really tight-knit culture. :D