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Twilight Stadium

The Khanahari Twilight Stadium is where all the greatest Twilight Games occur. Players dream and dread performing in it. Quite the symbol of Kaishah's opulence over the other nations in the empire, the dome above is layered with quartz crystals to look like stars in the night sky, with one massive crystal at the zenith. Through transmission from the crystals worn by players in their costumes, it magnifies the image they cast a thousand fold to fill the entire arena. It takes seasoned competitors to handle a battle here, for if the stadium is full as it often is, the psionic energy involved can be overwhelming. Games at the Twilight Stadium brings players and especially spectators from all over the dev empire. It was the fourth and final crystal stadium built in Khanahari and quite exceptionally the grandest. The only one to compare with it is in one other city of Kaishah where Twilight Battles are more a part of the city culture.   With rising terraces, the Twilight Stadium can seat more than fifty thousand people, with higher seats costing more or reserved for special delegates. Aside from other tournaments, there are seven twilight casting tournaments that happen a year here, with each tournament involving a different style of twilight casting. Khanahari image casting artists and storytellers also compete to perform here, as it is near impossible to gather such a large audience anywhere else. Because image casting is a part of many dev ceremonies including weddings, rulers of Kaishah also use the stadium to this affect. During a total lunar eclipses that happen every two and a half years, a special performance happens here to take advantage of the exceptional image casting spells that devs can cast in this period. This is done by the kingdoms image casters who also perform the opening and closing ceremony of every tournament.
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