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Khanahari is the capital city of Kaishah . Home to the ruling family of Kaishah, it is an epitome of dev culture and affluence. Matters of the kingdom are handled here, most especially the kingdom's far reaching mining operations. What is exemplary about Kaishah is celebrated in Khanahari, especially in regards to beauty and the culture of image casting. Fashion, infrastructure, culture and dance and performance are all rich practices in Khanahari. It brings in many tourists from across the empire for a variety of reasons. It is a hub for the great image casting games and the stadium, fill up with people whenever champions are competing.   Within Khanahari is 'The Unicorn' district which is specifically dedicated to the deity Mythserela  and is run by priests of the deity. It is one of finest places to learn image casting, so much so that members of the royal family have studied here. The Unicorn district has strong ties to Ayeshastra and brings to Khanahari a sizeable amount of Ismat oil for distribution.


Khanahari has a rich tourist culture. Some people come just to see the vibrant architecture of the palaces that are some of the most beautiful in the dev empire. It is also a popular place for sports tournaments and has a rich history of illusion casting battles. Their hospitality and restaurant scene is also extremely vibrant as they bring in food from all over.   The Mythserela temples also brings many pilgrims.
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