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Kaishah is a North Eastern nation of the Dev empire It is the richest nation of the dev empire, in no small part because of it's rich gem mining operations. Next to the Ismat Oil that comes from Ayeshastra, gem stones are the next most valuable resource to devs, and Kaishah is the lead provider of them.  

Image Casting

Because gemstones, allow for multiple applications in image casting and Kaishah has so much of it, it boasts the most powerful image casting culture of the empire. They worships the master of light spirit, Mythserela and have built many institutions that teach the various image casting arts. This worship of Mythserela combined with developed image casting spells and opulence has led to beauty being held in high regard in Kaishah. Design work here is often aided by image casting, which has led to a thriving fashion and visual arts industry that is coveted by the rest of the empire. Image casting has also heavily influenced the design of buildings, making Kaishah's some of the most beautiful in all ofAdijari, from apartment blocks, to museums, but especially the temples. Kaishah is also the birthplace of the empire renowned Twilight Games, from the simple ones children play at school to tournaments set in stadiums.   Because Mythserela's favorite color is purple, purple is most prominent in the cultural art of the state. Khanahari, the capital of Kaishah, enjoys the richest shade of purple in its iconography. The other major cities of the state use different shades of it to distinguish their identity from the other cities but still proudly claim Kaishah as their nation.   Residing within Kaishah is the Pidmaya rhakshasa tribe. They are the greatest known threat to Kaishah with mastery over illusion that could fool even some of the best trained light sorcerers. In fact, many powerful Pidmayas were Kaishah sorcerers at one time before they defected.


Kaishah used to be a patch of desert land that no one wanted. In comparison to the resources around it, it was a relative no man's land. The land was technically within the jurisdiction of a nation north of the mountains north of the area. This nation was plentiful and had a lot of infighting as it was also small. As part of the feud for future leadership and political dealings, one favored branch of the royal family was given this area. This branch was banished there and it was up to them turn this desert into a settlement. This branch of twenty people were strong believers of Mythserela. Together they prayed, connected their minds and visualized the deity coming to see them. In an inexplicable moment the collective imagining of Mythserela became real as he appeared before them. This was also said to be the first time the spirit Mythserela appeared before others. Mythserela proceeded to bless and teach the cousins everything he knew about manipulating light. These cousins became the first image casters. With this skill they were able to see the potential of this desert. They used the skill to attract other skilled devs who were fascinated with image casting, and eager to use the ability to build a city of lights. The cousins established trade routes, and built fantastic structures and educational institutions to further a thriving image casting culture. While the original nation that banished the cousins was lost to time, Kaishah expanded to contain five more major cities.
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