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Kaishah Mines

There was a time when the Kaishah mines was an almost failing operation. After having some early success that prompted investment in the industry by Kaishah, the gains plummeted. Then raja Kangafah saved the life of the earth spirit Brojekun, and by doing so brought prosperity to the nation. Brojekun blessed Kaishah by making the the area rich with a plethora of gemstones. The mining operation multiplied by a hundred. Gemstones types never found in the area before were now plentiful, and Kaishah is now a major supplier for the entire Ismat empire and amesha nations.  Because devs are capable of casting illusionary spells with crystals, and can thus steal them from the mines with relative ease, most of the miners are asuras who have no use for crystals beyond their monetary value. They are treated quite poorly and paid little considering the value of the jewels that are coveted throughout the empire. Like a lot of Kaishah's operations, this is a taboo yet well known truth that is not talked about, as devs prefer not to know that the gemstones they use and show off daily were gathered by those they will not even touch.   The Kaishah mine borders are a highly militarized area as thieves and raiders including the The Iron Mace are always looking for opportunities to steal gems before their enter the economic system. This military includes mercenaries who report to the Indigo Guard of Kaishah that is simply not large enough to protect the entire area on their own. Kaishah has even made trade agreements with other nations on the Ismat empire, trading their protection for a fixed amount of gemstones.   There is some corruption here, but as long as it does not get out of hand, is seen as a necessary evil to maintain the operations that make Kaishah one of the most affluent nations of Adijari.


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