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Indigo Guard

Kaishah likes to project itself as a perfect nation where opulence is the norm and citizen who are not rich still benefit from living within its borders.To protect this image while also protecting the nation there is the Indigo Guard that operates mainly at night and in secret. Kaishah is also a nation with an extreme illusion culture. So aside from making sure that the image of Kaishah is not tarnished, they more seriously are up against illusionist criminals and the Pidmaya. Their training is centered around cunning, trickery, and moon light magic. They know how to shadow blur and are especially adept at illusion casting. It is even part of their fighting style. All Indigo Guard are trained to use a single handed weapon of their liking in both their hands. Knives, short swords, and other smaller bladed weapons are preferred, but some also wield a hatchet or even a dhal shield. A common technique is to hold an actual weapon in one hand and cast an illusion of it in the other. In a fight, an opponent can be tricked by not knowing which hand holds the real threat, as Indigo Guardsman can switch their weapon carrying hand several times in an encounter which keeps their opponent guessing. Indigo Guards are ruthless interrogators. They have an in depth understanding of body language and use illusions to trigger the emotions of their captors to encourage them to give up information. This combination of authority and skill set is dangerous. Corruption is just too tempting within the Indigo Guard. I understand that when dealing with those as diabolical as the Pidmaya and other criminal networks of Kaishah that it takes deception to fight deception. But it is not surprising that many of the criminals of Kaishah have roots in the Indigo Guard.


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