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The Story of Kaishah's Wealth

Three hundred years ago, the nomadic amesha tribe, the Harsham , discovered the earth spirit Brojekun in a vulnerable state. In all records of the earth spirit, Brojekun had the form of plant life that had come together into a humanoid body. When the Harsham found him on that day, grass and moss made his hair and skin, tree bark made his flesh, and white sap, which could be seen coming out of his many scars, made his blood. It was theorized that Brojekun had been in a battle with another spirit that had left him on the verge of death. The earth shamans of the Harsham tribe treated the dying spirit using their supplies and vast knowledge of medicines. They were healers after all, but even they did not have enough to restore the spirit. All they could do was keep him alive a little longer. They took him with them on their travels so that they could continue to treat him, and so that when he did die, he would die loved and in peace. Their nomadic journey took them on a sanctioned trip through the dev nation of Kaishah . The raja Kangafa of Kaishah learned about Brojekun. Kangafa had a wonderful grove that he cherished in the capital city of Khanahari where he lived. It had been a well-kept royal garden for generations. When Kangafa was young, and because of his adoration for the garden, his parents invested much into turning the garden into something more, an act which Kangafa continued to do when he assumed power. He brought in marvels from all over the continent, turning the area into a stunning display of beauty and biodiversity. When he heard of the dying earth spirit, he insisted that the Harsham bring him to the grove - convincing them that it would be the absolute finest resting place for him. But when the earth spirit arrived, Brojekun’s consciousness returned. Kangafa’s grove, with its luscious diversity of life, nourished the earth spirit. It was not enough to heal Brojekun, but in that moment of consciousness, Brojekun tore a diamond out of his arm and presented it to the raja. It was the size of the raja’s fist. Any person, even a raja, would look at that diamond and be lost in a dream of grandeur. A diamond that size could have done well to help Khanahari during its time of struggle, but Kangafa, perhaps with great foresight, made other plans. With the riches from the jewel, Kangafa put more attention into his grove. He consulted with the Harsham as he did, even though they themselves were in disbelief that the grove could become what Brojekun needed it to to survive. But Kangafa was relentless. He continued to build up the grove long after the Harsham left. He sent his citizens on long arduous journeys across and beyond the continent, just to bring back plants and seeds. After years of sacrifice, Brojekun awakened fully healed. In gratitude, Brojekun made a promise to Kangafa. He bonded himself to the earth around Kaishah. Knowing the value that people had for diamonds and other jewels, he made it so that the Kaishah’s mines would always be full. It changed the nation’s place in the Dev Empire forever. Kaishah soon after became known as the city of solid lights, where every turn of the head meant a glint from a new gemstone.


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