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The Hideout is an underground, secret bar / nightclub located in the basement of an old hotel in Emerson City, Salaris. Some know its exact location, while others insist it is nothing more than a rumor.   During the day, it often serves as a quiet bar, a place to escape the bustle of the city. At night, however, it is often packed with patrons swaying to live entertainment and chasing away their troubles with alcohol and other vices.  

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a staple of the Hideout and ranges from unknown local performers to the famous Enchanting Mesmers a musical group whose performances are said transport the audience to higher planes of euphoria.   The Enchanting Mesmers often perform at the Hideout, considering it to be their preferred venue. Their performances are kept secret and usually advertised by word-of-mouth and/or encoded, spelled fliers. Part of this is to maintain the mysterous and ellusive reputation of the group and the exclusivity of their concerts.
Another possible explanation is that the group is under active investigation by Salaris authorities who are tightening restrictions on illusion magic. One or more of the group are accused of acting as Illusion Guides.  
Illusion Guides
Profession | Nov 30, 2021

This type of entertainment comes with a steep price


The Hideout consists of a huge open space crowded with small, wooden tables, a large bar, and an elevated stage. Depending on the performances, the tables may be crowded together to make space for dancing.   Few rooms have been partitioned from the basement, including the kitchen, storage spaces, and the like. The stone floors and wooden furniture give it a rustic feel during the day. It is lit primarily with magic lights, which are often dimmed with colored silks at night to create a more festive environment.

Keeping the Secret

Secrecy and privacy is a primary appeal of The Hideout, and while the club has been around for years, few know its exact location. To many, it exists as merely a rumor.   Perhaps city officials really have not found its location yet. Or perhaps they are enticed to also keep the secret, or the illusion thereof.  

Physical Methods

The Hideout has small, high windows, which are always kept covered. There are only two entrances into the bar. One outdoor entrance is available to the public, is sunken beneath ground level, and is hidden. The other leads directly into the hotel above.   There are no signs or any other sort of advertisement for the Hideout. All deliveries go through the main hotel.

Magical Methods

The hideout owners pay for high-level magic to maintain the secrecy of the club. This includes:
  • Noise dampening/blocking
  • Obfuscating the entrances
  • Illusion magic for inspections
  • Spelled, ciphered fliers
Some patrons want to enforce binding oaths of secrecy, though this has not yet been implemented.
Characters in Location
Emerson City, Salaris

Hideout Menu

Here at the Hideout, we have something for everyone!


A wide selection of beer on tap
White and red wines, local and imports
A variety of spirits and coctails to please any palate   Need a pick-me-up? We have coffee, tea, and even chocolate from Kakan  


From small snacks to larger meals, our rotating menu is sure to please  


We keep a small selection of potions on-site, sourced from the finest apothecary in Emerson City. Options available include:
  • Restoratives
  • Energy boosts
  • Relaxants
  • Healing Salve

It is rumored that other off-menu items can be procured at the Hideout as well  

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