Enchanting Mesmers

The musicians took up their instruments, and an ethereal sound filled the room. Tension melted from Lia’s shoulders, and she felt lighter, almost as though she could float away. None of her troubles mattered as she followed the mesmerizing motions of the lute player. Nothing else existed.   The music was more than enjoyable. It was… captivating. As quickly as the thought hit her, she was yanked back into awareness, ripped from whatever spell had been cast upon her. Pulling her gaze from the musicians, she looked around to find she had not been the only one affected. Throughout the tavern, people swayed to the rhythm and stared up at the small band as though entranced. The tavern staff carried about unphased, as did a few patrons, including Kian who smirked at her.
The Enchanting Mesmers is a band famous throughout Imbria. Their performances have been described as more than mere music, but rather as an entire experience.   Their lead singer is known to be proficient with illusion magic and often uses it to enhance the performances, sometimes with simple visual effects, and other times with full "scenes."  

Unique Performances

Their shows often vary, and the band is notoriously difficult about announcing their performances ahead of time, let alone committing to a type of performance. A concert of theirs might be anything from melancholy to upbeat and energetic to serene to even sensual in nature.
We play what is in our hearts. That will never change.
— Band member
  The nature of a performance might even change as an evening wears on. What's more, no one knows how long the band will choose to stick around. A performance might only last half an hour, or it might go on through the night.  
The room falls away and I'm somewhere peaceful, riding waves of sound and pleasure.
— An Enchanting Mesmers fan
  A performance might include any number of additional elements, from dimmed, colored silks hung over magic lights to full-blown illusions to make the audience see other settings and effects.   Some attendees report experiencing full euphoria during the shows, leading some to suspect that one of the band members must also possess some innate empath abilities, as the shows seem to also be able to greatly influence the viewers' emotions as well.   It is unclear how much of these effects are from the illusions or the illicit potions and drugs that tend to circulate at these events.
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Music Style
Primary Location


The band only performs in small to medium indoor settings. They refuse to perform at larger venues arenas, or festivals, and have even been known to turn down offers to perform at elite social functions.   Most of their shows are secret, being announced only through word of mouth or spelled, encoded fliers.  

Favorite Venue

The preferred venue for the Enchanting Mesmers is said to be the Hideout, a secret bar in Salaris, though many believe this to be a ridiculous theory.  
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A secret bar in Salaris rumored to be a frequent haunt of the famous band, Enchanting Mesmers


The band has become more and more ellusive in recent years. Where they once had some public performances, now they only perform secretive, private shows. Nevertheless, they have such a devoted fan base that they continue to thrive.  
Some believe this to be a desire to cultivate an air of ellusivity and mystery. Others claim it is some partnership with the various bars and other venues they tend to visit, as fans sometimes visit these establishments, just hoping for the band to appear.   However, one prevailing rumor is that one or more of the band members might actually be wanted in Salaris, which has been tightening regulations surrounding illusion magic. The lead singer has been accused of being an illusion guide, a profession that is illegal in Salaris. Furthermore, some suspect the other members of the band of having rare empath abilities and/or even possessing their own illusion magic, which could make them useful to Salarian military or government.

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