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  Game shops are a common sight in the Solanian Empire and this shop is just one among many in the capital of Solstadt.  


The store is located on the outskirts of Solstadt's downtown. It sits between an old apothecary and a bookstore and shares a building with a couple of small apartments. The owner of the store lives in one of the apartments.   The area is a bit shady and usually, only adults and older teenagers visit this store.  

Store front

All the buildings in this area look the same and have a rugged and run down look. The building has three floors including a ground floor. The ground floor is used for the store while the other 2 floors are dedicated to apartments.   The store front's wooden walls were painted a stark yellow once upon a time, but now they are dirty and chipped. The mansard roof is made out of an Evonium alloyed metal and it's painted black. For some reason, the roof, like all of the houses close by looks freshly painted.   There is a small display window next to a short 5 steps staircase up to a large black wooden door. The door is freshly painted.   The window display holds several tabletop games and a small sign with the name of the store and paper with the opening hours.  


Around 300 years ago Solstadt used to be a small town called Soalis. Back then these buildings used to be residential houses for the more well-off people. When the Solanian Kingdom became an empire around 200 years ago the town became the capital and was renamed to Solstadt.   The rich people living in these houses had been vying for the capital to end up in their city. It was a choice that their offspring would regret because over the years the value of their houses dropped significantly and now it's one of the poorest areas in the city.   This house used to be owned by a family that used to be considered a noble family but they lost their status as they lost their house. The main head of the family had done some very bad business deals and had to sell their house. Nobody wanted to buy the house and stood empty for a couple of years until 60 years ago when the Mardue family bought it from a house broker together with all the other houses in the block. They rebuilt the houses into part apartment buildings and part small stores. The Pott's family rented the store floor and one of the apartments 50 years ago and has been living there since.  

The Store

When entering the outer door the customer steps into a small hallway with one door across from them and one door to the left of them. The door to the left leads to the thin staircase up to the apartment floors, while the door across the hallway leads into the main room of the store.   To the left of the entrance into the main room is a large black painted wooden desk with a cash register and a chair where the cashier sits. The room is full of displays and shelves of cartons of varying table-tops and other social games for sale. At the end of the room, there are also colorful folding screens and room dividers around several tables where people can sit down and play games.   Around the room, there are also doors. These doors lead to private rooms that can be rented for groups who want to eat together or for games that are played privately between people who can remove their masks in each other's presence.  


The shop is usually open all days, from noon until midnight.
Sammy Potts
3 full time employee and 5 temporary workers


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