Introduction to Skywell

"The world is a lot larger than I first thought."
— A traveller

The Center

This world is full of floating islands, they orbit around a tiny glowing planet consisting of a mysterious magical material.   Most of the inhabitants of the islands does not know of the center, those who do want to visit it.   The people inhabitating islands closer to the center have more access to magic than those living on islands floating several levels away.  

Genre and Mood

The genre depends on the level of the island in question. The islands close to the center will most likely have high fantasy stories while the higer level islands will be science fantasy, or maybe even sci fi. There are also stories that span several levels.   Most stories will have a mood somewhere on the scale between nobel to bleak and dark to bright.

The Geography

The Skywell has two moons which has been given different names across the planet. The planet is very large and every island has different geography and biomes, with vastly different resources. You will be able to find a geography article for every island that has been worked on in that islands folder under the burger button on the left side of the screen.  

The Magic

Deity like humanoids walk the islands closest to the center planet. These deities can grant powers to other creatures in Skywell. These powers are called Blessings by most inhabitants. These blessings can be stolen or given away.   Most people born between the first and third levels can learn to use a magic called Weaving while some of those born on the forth to sixth level will be able to learn how to do simple weaving.


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11 Jan, 2022 19:45

Cool idea for a simple setting with high potential! :D And talking about a cultural shock and taking a deep dive to uncover the mystery of the world.

Introducing my challenge entry, with my cat as the main character and visitor to the tavern.
25 Feb, 2022 03:52

I missed this comment! Thank you! Hehe, I have merged several of my old worlds into this world. :) Thought it was the simplest way to make a patchwork world actually work. :3

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