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  Evonium is an ore mined mainly from the floating island of Bittra. It can store Mana used while Weaving and is also used to create jewelry to safely hold Blessings. The ore is used in many alloys, even with materials that aren't metals. It's also used when building modern Airships and in Solanian Masks among many other things.  


Among scholars it is believed that Evonium was first discovered around 6000-7000 years ago by the people who later became the Solanians. At this time they mainly used evonium to create jewelry and weapons by working the ore with hammers. Iron and evonium was usually found together in meteorites and sometimes in the crust of the island. The use of evonium developed together with iron and it's magical properties weren't discovered until around 3000 years ago, when they realized that iron and evonium were two different materials. Scholars do not agree on the reasons why it took them 3000 years to figure out the difference but some believe that it was because the similarities were too many and the differences could be explained away.   The discovery of evonium and its magical properties happened a couple of hundreds years before the written word was invented and the Solanian Kingdom was founded. Because of this there is no written information about how or by who the extra properties of evonium were discovered, however, these findings are recorded rigorously in secret documents owned by the kingdom.   When the first airship arrived on Bittra around 500 years ago some information about evonium was divulged and trade agreements were set up with other floating islands. The Solaian Kingdom flourished and many people from other islands started moving to Bittra. Many merchants not controlled by the Solanian Kingdom arrived to trade with other smaller cultures on the island.  


Around 200 years ago the Solanian Kingdom swallowed up most medium-sized cultures on Bittra and became the Solanian Empire. One of the things they did was to create their own airships with evonium and shut down all entry from the outside to Bittra. Only Solanian Empire sanctioned merchants are allowed to trade outside of Bittra. This hampered the growth of the economy but it kept the power of the Empire in the hands of the royals.    


3 properties of evonium:
  • Evonium does not rust.
  • It's not as mallable as iron.
  • It's melting point is higher than iron.
  • It conducts heat and electricity but retains Mana
    No smell
    Reflective silver grey
    Yes, evonium is easy to recycle. Alloys of the material are not.
    Common on Bittra, uncommon to rare on other islands.


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