Solanian Masks

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Every Solanian is expected to wear a mask that covers their entire face as part of both casual and professional wear. Only healthcare workers, children and spouses are allowed to see the true face of a Solanian.   Children will start wearing their masks at the age of 9 when they are considered juveniles. Though, they can start wearing them before that age if they choose to. Which many children do because they want to appear older.[/container]  


You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but people still do. If you can't see a person's face or sex you can not judge them based on these traits. You'll have to judge them based on their actions, and what they are wearing.   This is the reason that every common person gives for why it is custom in this society to wear a mask. Few know the original reason for them and those who do prefer the now modern purpose of the mask.


A long long time ago before the people of the Solanian Empire were called Solanians. The people believed that if magic-using creatures saw their eyes or face the creatures could weave themselves into their copies. They started wearing these masks out of fear, until it became a requirement to be a part of this culture.   When the people learned more about magic and about the world they realized that this was not something that weaving could do, but the masks had become an integral part of their culture. They did not want to give them up.

Different types of masks

Expensive masks are made out of evonium while cheaper masks are made out of clay, paper or fabric. Even if a mask is made out of a cheaper material it has non-visible sections over the eyes made out of a mixture of that particular material and evonium making it possible for the wearer to see through their mask without their eyes being visible to others.   Cheap masks are usually white, black or grey while more expensive masks are decorated and painted.    


Full masks are made out of clay, paper or evonium and are either shaped into general faces or an oval. The Oval masks are currently more common. But this comes and goes in fashion cycles.   Clay and paper masks are more common among the commoners, while Solanian nobility always wear evonium masks.


The top parts consist of clay, paper or evonium and from the nose down they consist of fabrics. These half-masks are used when the wearer expects to eat among other people.   These are the most common type of mask used while at work. Most uniforms include a half mask for free, while workers might have to purchase a full mask or a veil to go with their uniform if they prefer them.


Those who do not want to or can't wear full masks use fabric veils. These are not as common outside homes, but they do exist. There are different kinds of fabrics used but all of them should be opaque.   Some people prefer to use full masks while outside and veils at home or while spending time at a friends place.


As people cover their faces in this culture it's hard to identify people. That is why people in this culture have tattooed hands. These tattoos are built upon as a person grow, but they get their first tattoo at 9 years old and their last in their 50s.   As people can not see each other emote when conversating they also speak a lot with their hands. Their language has developed into part spoken and signed language. You can't understand the language without the spoken or the signed parts of the language.


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Not gonna lie. I'm tempted to run around these days wearing a veil now. :D Loved the history behind this. It's always fascinating to discover what grows out of superstition.

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