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    Rell didn't have this thing called a name until they were called an adult by the family they had grown up with. They didn't choose it themself either. It was a gift bestowed on them by new friends they met when they had been chased away from their home.    


Rell grew up in a pack of Night Wolves. As a child, Rell thought that they were a Night Wolf too, until they were a youngster and met humans.   At first they could not make themself understood, not having learned to speak human languages, but they learned quickly even though grammar gave them pause, and still does sometimes. It also took Rell a while to realize that they weren't completely human either. So far they haven't had anyone to speak to about this subject though.


When the Night Wolves considered Rell an adult they made it clear to Rell that they had to leave the pack. It crushed Rell's heart, but they did leave without much of a fuss. There was nothing they could say against the father figure that they had grown up with.   Rell was invited to the crew of the airship named The Axis and joined them. He started out as an ordinary seaman but quickly got the rank of second mate.

The Axis

The Axis is a large merchant and exploration airship with a crew of around 40-144 people that sometimes travel set routes for trades and sometimes set out to explore floating islands not found on any of the current maps. The ship is owned by a guy named Axis and run by a married couple. The captain is the wife, Serlena and the cheif Engineer is the husband Daffron.  


They have always known deep down that they are not where they are meant to be, there is something somewhere out there that is calling for them. They knew this even before the pack told them to leave.   Rell wants to find a new family that they can trust not to abandon them and a new home where they can belong. However, they worry that whatever is calling them will forever stop them from setting down roots.  

Physical appearance

As a child Rell got dressed in the fur of a dead Night Wolf. It was the only thing that the night wolves had to dress them in when they were freezing. They also had a kilt made out of the fabric of the child outfit that they had been found in. This was the outfit that he was dressed in until he walked away from the home he had grown up in.   As a crew member of The Axis Rell could not wear these clothes. Mint tried to dress them in other clothes but it took a long while until Rell could settle into any other kind of clothes.   Now Rell wears shorts, a shirt, boots and knee high socks. They still also keep a piece of their night wolf fur on their person.  


It's hard to tell if Rell is an introvert or an extrovert and they don't really understand the concept. Sometimes they want to interact with large crowds of people and they draw energy from that, sometimes they don't. They are deeply loyal and will defend people that they trust to their last breath. Though, right now they have a hard time trusting anyone with that kind of loyalty.    
Birth island
Presumably Noble, where he grew up.
They/Them, He/him, She/her
Around 20-30 years old
Food, people, animals, nature, family.
Sexual attraction
Bitter food&drinks, cold weather, rain.
Romantic attraction
Youtube playlist
Click here
Romantic relationships
None yet


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