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  Daffron "Ron" Zesaun is the current chief engineer on The Axis, a flying ship. He is married to Serlena.  


Daffron grew up in a middle-class family on the island of Coria, a 5th level island together with his parents 1 older sibling, and two younger siblings, as well as two sets of grandparents. He enjoyed school and wanted to become a military ship engineer like his father when he grew up.


When he entered university he met Serlena and quickly fell in love with her. They talked about ship travels and Daffron told her all of the tales that he had heard from his father. She dropped out of the university and entered a captain school. Daffron both agreed and disagreed with her choice. When they both had finished their schooling they married and started working aboard ships.


15 years ago the both of them were hired to work on a ship named The Axis. they both are still working on the ship and enjoying their life.  


His motivation is to keep himself and his wife happy, and right now he believes that they are. Though, he knows that she regrets that they can't have any children of their own. But there is nothing that can be done about that, so he does not think much about it.  

Physical appearance

Daffron is bald and sometimes he grows his bear long and sometimes he keeps it in a goatee. It depends entirely on his mood. His skin is darker than his wife's and he has brown eyes. He doesn't care much for his clothes and they are pretty battered, at least around his sleeves and knees. He usually wears striped shirts and shorts that reach his calf.  


Daffron is a laid back introvert. He prefers tinkering with machines and reading stories over hanging out with other people. However, sometimes he feels the urge to be social.  
Birth island
54 years
Machines, ships, magic and books
Sexual attraction
Speeches, especially if he has to do them.
Romantic attraction
Youtube playlist
Romantic relationships
3 before his wife


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