The Axis

Uh, the ship is larger than I thought it would be...which way is the kitchen?
  The Axis is an old model of airship that has received three Blessings. Two ones from all four core deities. and a regular blessing from Jum-ai. Inanimate objects do not receive blessings often, but Axis is now one of the "few" objects that also have a humanoid form.  


Like all ships of the same model The Axis was built for exploration and warfare on the sea around 550 years ago and was later rebuilt for air exploration by the Ferrin company from the floating island of Coria, a 5th level island.   The ship has seen many battles both on the sea and later in the air. It was also the first airship that visited the center of the world around 500 years ago and it was later blessed by the core deities.   15 years ago Serlena Zesaun became the new captain of the ship. At first, she did not know about the ship being alive. It was a shock when she realized it but she and her husband, a ship engineer, quickly adapted.  

The Blessings

The Axis received the blessing of Sense and the blessing of Form from the 4 core deities and an extra blessing from the core deity Jum-ai.   With the blessing of Sense and the blessing of Form the ship recived sapience and the ability to take on a second humanoid form.. The third blessing gave Axis a regular ability that several other people also have but many do not know that he has this blessing.  


The skeleton crew of The Axis is around 40 people, which is a lot smaller than the skeleton crew of the few ships still around of the same model. Since Axis has a humanoid form he can keep the captain informed about everything taking place on the ship.   They keep the crew numbers down while out exploring and hire more crew members when they do trade deals. How many crewmates they take on then depends on the cargo.  
Important crew members
There are 39 permanent crew members excluding, Serlena and Daffron Zesaun. The current story relevant characters are;   Rell, a person who grew up on the 1st level island of Noble. They are the second mate.   Evo, a guy who grew up as a royal on the 3rd level island of Bittra. He joins the crew as a regular seaman during the main story.  

Cargo, Passengers & Weapons

The cargo compartment is large as these ships were originally built for very long journeys. This specific ship has also gotten several modern updates and can house most kinds of cargo. It can hold about a tonnage of about 800t.   The Axis also houses prisoners and paying passengers, but these are kept on the floor above the cargo compartment together with the extended crew.   On the ship there is space for 30 canons, but there are currently only 20 canons available as the other 10 spots are occupied by Weavers.  
Creation date
500 years ago


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