I wonder if they are really out there.
  Axis is not sure about the exact dates when he woke up, but he believes that he has been alive for around 200 years. He was created long before then as an airship. The ship was blessed by the 4 core deities and received the ability to walk around as a human. However his humanoid body can not travel far from his ship body.  


Axis the ship was built around 550 years ago for exploration and warfare on the sea. Around 500 years ago the ship was rebuilt for air travel together with many other ships of the same model. Out of all of those ships, Axis is one of the few that are still in working order. When the crew of that time took Axis to The Center of the World they caught the eye of the core deities. The deities continued watching the ship and its crew and several hundred years later the deities decided to bless the ship with life and a humanoid body.


When he was first blessed and got his own humanoid body Axis was still treated as a child or as a thing, by the humans who owned his ship. However, the older he got, the more he learned, and even though some people still treated him badly; he knew how to handle those people.   At 110 he managed to get ownership of his own ship and now he hires his own captains. The current one is named Serlena.


Axis tries to not get too close to the crews walking his ship because his life has been very long so far and when people he has been close with have died his heart has been crushed.  


Axis wants to see the entire world before he dies. At least that is what he tells people. But to be able to do that he needs money to feed his crew. Which is why he lets his crew pick up trade deals, hire out their services to merchants, and do other odd jobs.   Axis does want to see the entire world, but his main raison d'être is finding the core deities and asking them why they gave him life.  

Physical appearance

Axis is of medium height and he is somewhat thin. His hair is curly and has a side cut, the natural color is pale mint green and his eyes are pale white like a Dragons, in some instances, his eyes do look yellow or gold. He sometimes dyes the tip of his hair dark green.   He wears sleeveless shirts that show off his tattoos that match the decorations of the ship. He also likes to wear thin dark jeans with thigh-high socks over them and knee-high leather boots. He also wears a piece of the original rudder for the ship. He needs to wear this on his person to be able to leave the ship at all.  


Axis is an introvert but he enjoys and draws energy from spending time with a group of people that he likes. He acts like a cold and aloof person because he wants to push people away. He does not want to get hurt. Axis is a warm and friendly person, but people have to get under his skin to learn this.  
Birth island
around 550 years old
Adventure, friends, reading, nature
Sexual attraction
Romantic attraction
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