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  Serlena "Lena" Zesaun is the current captain of The Axis, a flying ship. She is married to Daffron, the ships technical chief.  


Serlena grew up in a middle-class family on the island of Coria, a 5th level island with her two parents, her younger sibling, and two sets of grandparents. She didn't enjoy school, she preferred being outside and leading the other kids in play. She wanted to be a teacher or a guard when she grew up.


When she entered university to become a teacher she met Daffron. They quickly became enamored with each other and Serlena dropped out of her teacher classes to become a captain instead. When Daffron finished his education the both of them married and set out to work on several ships.


15 years ago Serlena was hired as the captain of a ship named The Axis and she has been working on this ship ever since then together with her husband.  


Serlena enjoys the adventure and that no two days are alike. She likes having her husband close by even though both of them are very busy people. She is happy with her life the only disappointment she's had is her ability to conceive children of her own, which is why she likes mothering some of the lost souls that she brings onto the ship.  

Physical appearance

Serlena has short black curly hair and dark tan skin. Her eyes are brown and one of them was damaged in a fight with pirates. She has a large scar over one of them. She wears a long-sleeved midriff shirt and tight pants with black thigh-high leather boots. Often she also wears an open skirt.  


Serlena is an extrovert and a naturally ambitious and confident leader. She likes people and people like her back. She will always extend a helping hand to those in need, but that does not mean that she will let anyone walk all over her.    
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