I want to love my fiancé, for the sake of my family, but I don't.
  Evonium D'Magessa was named after the material which pushed the Solanian Kingdom into an empire.   Evo was born as the second spare of the royal family. He has been expected to marry and make his family proud for the last 10 years. He has started to run out of excuses...  


Evo grew up in a large, happy and warm family but there was still something missing for him, he wasn't sure what at first. He didn't realize until he became an adult that what he missed in his life was adventure and excitement.   He didn't think that life in the royal court and all the drama there suited him. But he wanted to make his family happy so he tried to find somebody to love.


When Evo turned 19 years old and became an adult, he was expected to marry. He had many courters but none that he was romantically interested in.   Evo both wanted to do what his parents wanted out of him, marry and settle down, and do what he had always wanted to do. Set out on an adventure. If he could've only loved anyone enough to want to settle down.


Evo has been forced into an engagement with a childhood friend from a small kingdom. He likes his friend but he does not want to marry them. He wants to run away from home but he does not know how to, he is also scared to do so. He doesn't want to let his family, which he loves, down.   Then a ship arrives for a trade and he meets Rell.  


Evo wants to find happiness, he doesn't yet know what it is but he knows that he won't find it at home. He wants to go out and see the world. He knows that his happiness exists somewhere out there and he knows that he will find it while enjoying exploring and adventuring.  

Physical appearance

When Evo left his home he wanted to cut his long and thick hair because it is a symbol of his status as a royal. But he also loves his long hair, to compromise he cut parts of it shorter and keeps a long ponytail. He has pale blonde hair and turquiose eyes. His skin is almost as pale as his hair. He has spent most of his life tucked up indoors.   Evo still carries with him one of his Masks. He feels a little bit naked without it. He likes wearing dark pants and shirts because he was not allowed to while growing up.  


Evo is an extrovert that enjoys spending time with large groups of people. He has many interests and always have strong opinions on them and he is not that afraid to voice these opinions. But he does not want to intentionally hurt somebody. Which means that he sometimes tampers down on opinions that he knows can be hurtful. Though, some people he can't stop himself from being honest with. Might be because he wants to rile these people up to get a reaction out of them.    
Birth island
29 years old
Adventure, boardgames, candy, poems, music.
Sexual attraction
The rain.
Romantic attraction
Youtube playlist
Click here
Romantic relationships
One, a fiance forced on him by their families


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