...I think he's cute.
  Mint's real name is Dionne De'Witt she was born as the Crown Princess in a large kingdom on the a 3rd level island of Redorne. She is currently working as a full time cook on The Axis.  


Mint grew up together with her 3 younger siblings. They had very little time with their parents but she loved her siblings and their nanny. At 11 her education to become Queen started in full. She did not like it and at 14 she ran away from home.


Mint lived on the streets of her kingdom for the first 2 years until she took work as a ship hand on one of the merchant ships that docked at her kingdom. She worked there until the age of 19 when she joined the crew at The Axis. She worked as a ship hand at first but later moved on to become an assistant cook and later she got the role of the main cook.


Mint is currently enjoying her life and her friends aboard her current ship. She is happy with the choice she made as a child but she still keeps up to date with news from her kingdom. One of her brothers is the current Crown Prince and she hopes that he will become a good king in the future.  


The only thing Mint wanted was to not become Queen. She wanted that, now she is happy cooking for the crew of The Axis and her "secret" crush.  

Physical appearance

Mint has brown hair with tips dyed in different colors depending on what she felt like coloring it when she can afford to. She wears hot pants, sometimes with a skirt over, and thigh-high socks. Her black leather boots reach her knees and she always wears her favorite necklace. She also wears the same shirt a lot because it is one of her favorites.  


Mint is an introvert and large groups of people scare her. She prefers spending time with people one on one, especially her close friends. She is shy but as soon as she has met somebody opens up easily. She just does not want to talk about her childhood. She's energetic and enjoys spending time in her kitchen.  
Birth island
26 years old
Cooking, spending time with Rell
Sexual attraction
Mean and scary people
Romantic attraction
Youtube playlist
Romantic relationships
A couple


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