Night Wolves

I know them.
    Night Wolves are huge creatures native to Noble, a large 1st level floating island. People living close to these creatures live in fear because they believe that the creatures can steal souls. They can't steal souls but they can Weave.   People say that the Night Wolves are the servants of Shin-bon, the deity of death.  


A Night Wolf
Not much is known about the anatomy of the night wolves. People do not dare to approach the Night wolves and no dead ones have ever been discovered. This means that only visible physical characteristics is known.   They have long necks and four long legs, tiny paws, two large upright ears and several tails. They usually have 2-3 tails but more tails have been spotted on larger specimens. Their faces are flat like a human's and out of their glowing eyes and mouths seep colorful smoke that almost looks alive.   Their fur appears very fluffy and some of them have a lot of long fur around their necks. These are also the ones who usually have more than 3 tails, which has led people to believe that these are the male Night wolves, but nobody is certain.   The fur of most of them is dark as the night, but there have been sightings of dark grey and even white wolves.    


Not much is known about how they reproduce but people assume they do it like humanoids and some other mammals do.  

Dietary needs

Most people believe that they consume souls as nourishments, however, some people have seen them eat smaller animals like pigs and sheep. The owners of these animals have been too scared to say anything about it though.  

Social structure

Not much is known about their social structures either but people who have studied the creatures believe that the Night wolves are split into packs and within these packs there is an alpha and an omega...  


There are some hunters who sell long dark tails claiming that they come from Night Wolfs. These are used for luck and protection.  
Average lifespan
Unknown, many believe that they live forever
Average intelligence
Some say that they appear sapient
Average height
1.5m to their withers
Average weight
Unknown, but they move like they weigh nothing


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