Rainbow Serpent

The Rainbow Serpent is a multi-level club, restaurant, and theatre. The building is iconic against the backdrop of Sikel City. Massive white stone creates a large spiral that makes up the shape of the building. Between each spiral are large multi-faced rainbow windows, which allow passerbys to observe the murky images of the happenings inside. People are able to walk to each floor through the outdoor walkway encased in the spiral or use the indoor center elevator to go between floors. On the rooftop is a small balcony that circles the point of the spiral.   Design inspired by Cameroon's Reunification Monument  

Rada Level

  When one walks into the Rainbow Serpent, their eyes are drawn above to the large glass aquarium. The aquarium circles the stained-glass column elevator, which features the story of Damballah and Ayedia Wedo. Behind the walls, which showcase a gemstone motif of famous loa and gods/goddesses are three curved rooms. A large theater, along with two intimate rooms for smaller performances. Two gender-neutral bathroom are on each side of the large theater-room; each house multiple closed-door stalls, as well as ceiling-to-floor mirrors and waterfall sinks. People will often start their night by watching plays, comedy acts, and spoken word, before spending the rest of the night dancing on the second floor. The smaller rooms host open performance nights on a weekly basis. Both of the small rooms have a small bar, as well as intimate table seating arrangements, as opposed to the rowed seats found in the larger theater room.  

Petro Level

  The middle floor is the main bar and dance room. Every night, live bands and musicians perform. The Rainbow Serpent is known for helping many up-and-comers get their start. Musical genres vary each night, but popular music nights include: jazz, funk, afrobeat, and juju. In the donut-shaped open room, the stage is set against the west-facing curve, while there is limited seating around the edges. The bar wraps around the center of the room, with the rest of the room open for dancing. The ceiling consists of moss and hanging vines. The floor features a large aquarium which hovers between the glass floors that separate the middle and bottom floor.  

Damballah Wedo Level

  The top floor opens into a large skylight where you can observe the night sky. A reservation-only restaurant, The Serpent's Head, makes up the space. Each table is carved from solid wood, featuring different loas. The wood tables are paired with low velvet couches where people can relax while eating. The Serpent's Head is known for their fusion recipes, combining the local flavors of Sikel City with International dishes. The restaurant is enjoyed by locals and travellers alike, with many people brokering contracts and deals at the tables.  

Ghede Level

  An open secret is the fourth basement level, accessible only from behind the bar in the left performance room. A darkened room with intimate musical performances, this floor is reserved for ViP and elite persons. The center of the floor houses an elevated stage and brightly-colored leather couches surround it with small glass tables at each. There are private rooms that can be reserved to host small groups of people. The rooms contain large couches that can double as beds for those that want to stay overnight or engage in other extra-curricular activities. It houses a specialized bar that has both drinks and restricted drugs. The managers of this floor own a restricted-drug permit, which allows for the purchase and consumption of restricted drugs so long as the people stay on the premises to use.   Entry into The Rainbow Serpent is 18+, though it isn't unheard of for bouncers to look the other way for prominent members of the founding clans. It has been a favorite spot for Aliyah of the Rooster Clan since he was sixteen. It is popular with all classes of citizens and is a popular tourist destination for out-of-town visitors.
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