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Sarahha Dance Theater

The Sarahha Dance Theater is a theater and dance college located in Saasaqib. An old and renowned arts institution, the extensive campus of the dance theater is used for exhibitions and shows, as well as dance instruction and housing for the students. The pride of Saasaqib, the main theater hall is a large domed building painted gold and pink. Located on the norteastern shoreside in a densely built-up section of Saasaqib, the campus nevertheless has space for seaside gardens.   The theater has hundreds of regular staff and students, and is funded mainly by arts grants from prominent Saasaqibi citizens. Teaching mainly dance, but making use of musicians and actors in their performances, the Sarahha dance theater presents plays, musicals, and dance exhibitions. Sometimes even exhibiting foreign artists, the theater has pull enough to draw in visitors from across Runber. As the condition for their continued access to grants from the various local patrons of the arts, many of the performances are open to any citizen of Saasaqib free of charge, and shows in the grand theater are major events for the city.   The theater also makes money by charging tuition from its students and for providing dancing, acting, and music lessons. Dancers of the theater also venture out on tours to other cities on behalf of the institution, and some of those profits are sent back to the theater.

Purpose / Function

The theater exist for the promotion of the performing arts in Saasaqib, hosting performances and teaching many kinds of dance, from belly dance and other solo dances to various partner dances to choreographed group dances. The Sarahha is recognized as the premier school and theater for dancers in all of Runber.


The main building is a large square shaped building with a dome that extends all the way to each side. The main entrance is a portico extending from the main building at the end of a long and wide but shallow length of stairs, often used for simply lounging about. The half-dome of the portico is decorated in a multicolored honeycomb pattern on the inside. However, the main building lacks the characteristic minarets of many Runberi buildings.   Behind the main theater building is an extensive campus, consisting of long two-story halls and dormitories flanking the large central courtyard of the Sarahha campus. Built of smooth stone painted a light blue, with similarly decorated but smaller half-dome entrances, the staff and student quarters of the theater campus are an impressive feat of Runberi architecture. The central courtyard features pools and gardens among tiled mosaic walkways.
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Jan 31, 2021 00:51 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

I love that it's both a theatre and a school. It's architecture sounds stunning!

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