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Outcast Hall

Purpose / Function

The hall was built for the entertainment of all citizens of the Republic. The hall is designed to hold champions in a central space surrounded on all sides by elevated seats. These seats would hold citizens and spectators. The champions would be expected to fight to the death and the last one standing would receive a large reward, or their freedom. The champion would only be allowed to pick one. Champions who wish to enter the hall must sign a contract selling themselves to the hall. The money from the sale would be put in an account and used to feed, clothe, and arm the champion. The more a champion wins the better food and arms they get. All a champion needs to do in order to walk free is win a single tournament and they can pick their freedom. However, most champions fight until they die. Upon death the money in their account is forfeited to the hall and used to higher more champions or improve the hall itself.


Generally halls are built of stone. There is a central area for the tournaments, this is normally a circle in shape, and is built five feet below ground level. There are four way to enter the tournament area. Two halls for spectators and two for champions these hall are always opposite each other - example, if a champion hall is built facing north the second one will be built facing south and the two spectator halls will face east and west. The spectator halls lead up fifteen feet to the seating and food areas. The champion halls lead down to the training and living areas underneath the Outcast Hall.


The first recorded example of the modern day Outcast Hall comes from the White Dragonfolk clan. The arena built for the challenge of the White Elder Dragons was the inspiration of the modern day halls. The method of the White Dragonfolk clan's elder selection also serves as inspiration for the games played within these halls. Every five years, or if an elder is challenged, a fight to the death will occur and the winner will be the elder.


All large cities within the Republic have Outcast Halls in them. Many will come from the surrounding villages and towns to see tournaments and events. Many Outcast Halls have a schedule of events that is advertised so you can see if the challenge will include fighting, magic, or naval battles. In recent years the Federal Senate issued a bill making all Outcast Halls free and paid for by the Federal Senate, though there is still gambling, food, and drink at the halls that is not covered.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Alternative Names
Fighting Pit, Colosseum, Amphitheatre


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