"While elves do not gamble for wealth as much or as freely as humans, we do enjoy our games. For us, it is about pride and mental exercise. Humans will find that our games require more concentration than what they are used to."
Prince Terandel to a visitor
  An elven gaming hall, where patrons can enjoy good food and drink as well as a selection of games including cöreski and ælevăt. Most saänii are housed within the two World Trees, though several also exist in other elven settlements. There are also a few located on the forest floor next to the World Trees for easier access to visitors.  


As with all elven buildings, saäniis are formed in the trunks of the Enchanted Wood's huge trees by elven treeshapers. While their differ slightly in size and shape depending on their location and the type of tree they're in, most saäniis have the same basic structure: a large, open chamber in the tree's base with a secondary chamber above for the hall's owner to live. Furniture is sung into its shape and often kept attached to the floor or walls so that they remain "living". Some saäniis nearer to human lands have human-made tables and chairs that are able to be moved   


Saäniis have a similar function to human taverns. They serve drinks, food, and provide gaming tables and lounge areas for play and relaxation.  
Common Beverages
All saäniis serve the elves' signature Diinian and Baalian Wine in winter and summer respectively. Many also serve a variety of ales, mead, and ciders. Darkwood Cider is a particular favorite across the kingddom. During the astrin fael, a special drink called astrin'diilara is available to elves of all ages. Some wüldfrael and Bandaloki have also had the honor or partaking in this rare drink, but it is usually reserved for elves alone.
Common Foods
Roasted honey nuts, spice bread, fruit pastries, and hazelnut soup are all common staples in saäniis. Other less common but still frequently found foods include pepper rolls, baked root chips, and nut rolls. During the winter, saäniis that are able to procure crystallized almenvâhn sap offer Winteroot Crunch, a dish of diced fruit and honey that has been frozen using the sap. In the summer, Emberwood Crisp is available in saäniis able to acquire ambulwüld sap and riverwood apples.  
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Alternative Names
gaming hall
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Common Games
All saäniis provide tables and pieces for cöreski and ælevăt. Saäniis closer to human territories also cater to travelers with dice and card games from other cultures, such as King's Hand, Black Knight, Wild Dice, and Cross Bones.

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