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The bandaloki, commonly referred to as 'beastfolk', were created by Drakala to be caretakers of the wild. They are bipedal and fully sentient, and live in clans depending on what beast they resemble. Originally, each clan hailed from a different area. Geographic changes and human advancement pushed most of them out of their territories. Now, they all live in the The Enchanted Wood, under the leadership of an elected leader called the Beast Lord.


The Clans


The true natives of the Enchanted Wood, the bandakar have feline aspects and roam the forest in hunting prides. Like lions, each pride is usually one male and a number of females between three and seven, along with their cubs. The bandakar are one of the most territorial of the tribes, and the most distrustful of humankind. Though large, they are very fast, and move with great amount of stealth.



Natives of the swamplands of Zarglyf, the zihkwar have thick scales and slender but strong bodies. They come in two distinct sub-races that resemble either snakes or lizards. The serpentine zihkwar are often confused with nagas, but they are much smaller and have both arms and legs.

Zihkwar are solitary for most of their lives except for breeding season, when they gather in the heart of the swamp for their yearly mating rituals. In the Enchanted Wood, they stick to the area surrounding the hot springs in the south, and rarely venture away from them as their hide is quick to dry out in colder air.



The birdmen of Elbrith were once a proud race, soaring above the mountains and lakes with little care for what happened in the land beneath them. In times long past, [nelfyn warriors visited their eyries to spar or sit in quiet contemplation of the winds. Often confused with sylphs, the ulüliandir are smaller than humans, but their powerful wings provide them with ample strength when called upon to fight.



Hailing from Kilgroth, the wulgar have inspired a number of myths about men transformed into feral, ravenous beasts. They bear lupine features, with the powerful muscles and hunting instincts of wolves. Like wolves, they live in small packs. However, the alpha is female, not male. Packs are violently territorial, and both fast and strong enough to hunt near human lands without fear. Because of this, very few wulgar still exist. There are only three packs living in the Wood, each less than ten members, though there are rumors that some packs still live in the icy depths of Kilgroth.



Once found throughout Caer Thalion, the kymonur are equine. There are two sub-races: the larger, sturdier kymos and the smaller, deer-like lykos. Both live and travel in herds led by the stallion that proves himself most capable in combat. As with other beastfolk, they now reside in the Enchanted Wood, though some herds venture onto the Evrani Plain to hunt. Though often confused with centauri, kymonur are bipedal and cannot run on four limbs.



mountains (ursine)



lakes/rivers (amphibious)

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

All bandaloki are omnivorous, though different clans have different food preferences. Kymonur, ululiandir, and naradir eat mostly nuts, fruits, and other greens, while bandakar, wulgogar, zihkwar, and jodanur eat mostly meat.
Genetic Descendants
60-70 years
Average Height
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Average Weight
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Average Length
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Geographic Distribution


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