Oames Bathhouse

Visiting Oames Bathhouse has quickly become a daily routine for me. I can easily understand why the locals like their bathhouses so much. Nothing lifts the spirits after a day in the freezing cold like a nice hot bath combined with good food, friends, and some wine.
— Excerpt from Into The Unknown by Jareb Bonavine
Oames Bathhouse is, as the name suggests, a bathhouse situated in The Frozen City of Ishdal. It is one of the most popular bathhouses in the city and an ideal place for people to hang out, relax, and catch up with their friends. The bathhouse first opened its doors in 1965 and has since seen many renovations and owners.

Hot spring bathhouses

Throughout the city of Ishdal hot springs can be found. Most of them have become part of a bathhouse or inn long ago. It is said to be therapeutic to bathe in the water of the hot springs. This combined with the cold climate of the city has made bathhouses into a popular destination for leisure and socializing. Most bathhouses offer food and drinks to their customers. The more high end establishments even go as far as offering music and board games. It has also become a popular tourist activity to visit a bathhouse during your stay in the city.

Bathing in Luxury

Oames Bathhouse offers luxury baths filled with thermal water from the biggest hot spring of Ishdal. It is one of the most popular bathhouses among the middle and upper class, offering several public baths as well as private baths with included staff. The materials used for the baths range from expensive shimmering black pulse stone to rare eghean cedar. Ghynzuan glass is worked into the roofs and upper walls to allow natural light into the building. While intricately carved sconces with crystal lights offer light during darkness.


The building in which the Oames Bathhouse is situated is mainly build out of stone and marble imported from all over the world. It has seen many renovations and expansions over time which is prominent in the mixture of architectural features from different era's. Fenly's great-great-grandfather renovated the entire roof adding ghynzuan glass to it. The interior is decorated with potted plants and curtains of the finest linnen. The furniture is made of different types of marble.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Bathhouse, baths.


The menu's in bathhouses rarely offer extensive meals. Instead they usually offer platters with various appetizers. This is no different in Oames Bathhouse. Their menu ranges from simple seafood platters to more expensive platters using luxury ingredients like Black Shark, which is illegal in most parts of the world. They also offer various wines and spirits, from local to popular or rare imports.


Due to the cold and harsh enviroment of Ishdal bathhouses have become one of the most liked destinations for its citizens. People meet their friends there after a long workday. Besides the obvious pass time of lounging inside one of the many large baths, people also enjoy the music played by the musicians of the bathhouse. Seating and small tables are spread throughout the complex allowing people to sit down and enjoy a platter of delicious appetizers with their friends while playing one of the many board games they can choose from.


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