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Pulse Stone

Don't tell me the Pulse has nothing to do with it. Ama's breath, it grows. How can stone grow?
— Worker at a pulse stone quarry
  Pulse stone can be found at various locations worldwide. It is excavated in quarries. Though many believe it was created during the Pulse, there is evidence the stone was first quarried in a time long before the cataclysm.  

Unique Properties

In some ways pulse stone is much like any other stone. What sets it apart is its tendency to grow while still attached to the surrounding pulse stone. Once it has been excavated and removed from its quarry its ability to grow stops.  
It's alive I tell you. Cut off a piece and that piece dies. Therefore it stops growing.
— Stonemason in Neba
  Pulse stone varies in color from dark grey to black. It has a somewhat dusty look when not polished. Some pulse stone has a faint glimmer due to tiny glimmering particles found in the stone. It is less common however.  


Pulse stone is used a lot in construction work. In Ghynzua most houses are partly build with it. In combination with darkwood this gives ghynzuan houses their typical look.
It is also a stone loved by sculptors. Statues, vases, benches, fountains and many other items are made from pulse stone. The shimmering variant is often sold to sculptors and stonemasons. The stone is pleasant to work with and is said to take the intended form more easily. As if it knows what the sculptor wants to achieve.  


Since it can be found worldwide pulse stone is distributed to most parts of Ealdwyll. Depending on where it is distributed to this can be by ship or animal drawn cart.
Black or very dark grey.
Common State


Pulse stone quarries, when managed properly, never run out of pulse stone. The quarry keeps renewing its source.
This also has its drawbacks. When a block of stone is cut loose, then left unattended in the quarry for a week or two, it will have grown back together with what is called the motherstone.  


The official name for the source of the quarry.
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