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Let us try the food here!
    Food World is a large restaurant chain that can be found on several floating islands in Skywell. For the company check out this article.   This particular restaurant can be found on the floating island of Bittra in Solstadt the capital of the Solanian Empire.  


This store is located in the middle of the bustling downtown of Solstadt. It's located between a popular game store and a popular mask shop. Across from them is a large market store.  

Store front

The storefront looks similar to the other stores in the area. Three floors, a ground floor with a high ceiling, another floor with a large ceiling, and an attic floor with a low ceiling. In this building the bottom floor is used for the store while the second floor is rented out to a detective agency and the attic floor is a couple of small residential apartments.   Like most buildings in this city, the building has a mansard roof made out of an Evonium alloyed metal and it's painted black. The walls are built out of pale-yellow bricks and the large entrance door is made out of wood and painted black. The large display window does not show anything of the restaurant within to the people walking the streets outside because there are nice blue velvet curtains covering the insides from view. The curtains also highlight the large sign standing between the glass and the curtains. The sign offers takeaway and deliveries in big bold letters.  


This franchise has a long history and this store is very young in comparison even though the store is around 200 years old. The couple who opened the store around 200 years ago was a young couple of merchants who decided to settle down on this island because of its location. Since the husband was related to the owner of the Food World franchise they decided to open a Food World restaurant in the new capital. Sadly the island closed its borders right after and the little restaurant had to deal with that.   Through many hardships, the restaurant still managed to thrive and today it is the largest and wealthiest restaurant on this island.  

The Store

The insides of this restaurant look very different compared to all other Food Worlds because the culture of this Empire is very different compared to the cultures in all the other locations of this franchise.   Behind the large entrance door is a counter with a cashier. This cashier will take an order for delivery or takeaway or direct customers into private rooms where people can take off their masks and dine.  


This restaurant is open 24/7 even during holidays.
The Rounn Family
17 fulltime, 9 temporary


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