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The Cherry on Top

For residents and visitors alike, a visit to The Cherry on Top is a must for anyone who finds themselves in Pale. Located in the Noble District, its bright windows are filled with delectable treats and exquisite baked goods, luring in customers in droves. For those able to afford it, The Cherry offers the finest breakfasts and the most luxurious deserts in all of Pale - for a city brimming with culinary establishments, that is no mean feat.   Founded in 1346, The Cherry has served the citizens of Pale for nigh on a hundred years and has produced some of the most talented pastry chefs in all of Vanelle. Their bakery, located in the basement of the café, supplies not only the ground-level business but also some of the finest noble homes and restaurants in Pale and beyond with bread, desserts, pastries and celebration cakes.  

The Café

The café occupies the ground- and first floor of their premises on High Street in the Noble District of Pale. It is a warm, welcoming space with seating for customers over two floors. The windows on both levels are large, letting in plenty of natural light in addition to tempting passers-by with their elaborate displays of baked goods.   Each table is covered with a pristine, white tablecloth and decorated with fresh flowers. There is seating available for any size party, from large gatherings to single patrons, with the larger tables located on the more spacious first floor. On the ground floor, the left-hand wall as you enter is taken up by the serving counter with its impressive display of baked goods. Behind the counter, patrons will find gift bags containing fine chocolates, pralines and biscuits, and treats to consume on the go.   The atmosphere in the café is warm and cosy with a touch of elegance. Patrons can expect to be seated by a waiter or waitress when they arrive and receive excellent table service throughout their stay. In addition to baked goods, there is a curated selection of teas and coffees on the menu, and if you arrive before noon, you may order from the highly recommended breakfast menu.   While larger parties may have to book a table if they are planning on visiting The Cherry together, there are usually tables available for smaller groups and couples on a drop-in basis, unless of course, you're visiting on a public holiday, in which case it would be prudent to call ahead to reserve a table.

The Bakery

Located in the basement of The Cherry, the bakery is the pinnacle of modernity. The daring pastry chefs employed by the café are always willing to pioneer new techniques and recipes, often to the delight of their customers. They combine the old with the new and produce both the classic based goods we all know and love as well as new ventures which break the boundaries of what fine pastry can be.   Not only does the bakery supply the café above, but it also delivers baked goods to fine dining establishments in Pale and even as far away as Cirranne. For a considerable sum of money, those in want of a celebration cake which would be the envy of all who lay their eyes upon it, the bakers of The Cherry can be hired to produce their most exquisite pieces for weddings, private parties and the like. It is rumoured that it was The Cherry on Top that provided the cake and desserts for the recent wedding celebrations of the Lord Protector himself.   Staffed around the clock with both experienced master bakers and apprentices, the ovens in the bakery never cool, which has the pleasant side-effect of keeping the café above at an agreeable temperature, even in the midst of winter. Those looking to find employment or even apprenticeship at the bakery must show outstanding skill and dedication to their craft. Never short of applicants, The Cherry are able to hire the very best of the best in all aspects of their business.


Anyone visiting Pale simply must visit The Cherry on Top, and anyone finding themselves at one of their tables simply must try their almond and raspberry mousse cakes. This piece of delectable patisserie, while a classic for the seasoned customer, would be a revelation to anyone unfamiliar with the café.   If you are visiting The Cherry in the morning, their breakfast comes highly recommended, and for good reason. Made up of only the finest produce, it offers fresh fruit, golden yolked eggs, breakfast-themed savoury pastries and tartlets, not to mention the refined selection of teas and coffees.   If the occasion for visiting is a celebratory one, why not try the afternoon tea, which comes with sparkling wine from the orchards of Bannes and a selection of the very best sweet and savoury goods the café has to offer.   In truth, any choice you make, except perhaps the one to abstain altogether, is a fine choice at The Cherry on Top.
Alternative Names
The Cherry
Cafe / Tearoom
Parent Location
An example of the lauded breakfast at The Cherry on Top, consisting of their award-winning savoury pastries, fresh fruit and fruit juice, coffee or tea, yoghurt, cereal and much more.
With pastries as delectable as these, it's no wonder The Cherry is the most popular café in Pale, and an undeniable credit to their talented bakers.
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When visiting The Cherry on Top, be sure to sample their eclectic collection of fine teas and coffees.

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