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Cafe Dawn/Club Twilight

Located in the upper class neighborhood of Rockport, Cafe Dawn and Club Twilight are two businesses that operate out of the same building but at different times of day. Both provide a space for the nouveau riche of Rockport to socialize and show off their wealth by purchasing tiered levels of service that also give them access to increasingly expensive areas of the building. The businesses originally¬†had a difficult time competing with the more well-known social clubs in Neverwinter, which is roughly two hours away from Rockport, but ever since Neverwinter was locked down, Club Twilight has been the go-to destination of the post-apocalypse.   The outside of the Dawn/Twilight building looks like an elegant but unremarkable two-story manor. The only thing that distinguishes it from the surrounding houses is a sign hanging over the door that is enchanted so that it shows a glowing sun that rises and sets with the real sun and then turns into a glowing moon that also follows the real moon's cycle.   Cafe Dawn occupies the first floor of the manor starting at 9:00am and Club Twilight opens around 11:00 at night on the second floor. Cafe Dawn offers sit-down brunch service by reservation only. It offers several different fixed menus at different prices and then seats you according to the menu you have ordered. The cheapest menu gets you seated outside in a small patio area while the most expensive menu allows you entry into a raised area of the dining room bounded by red velvet ropes.¬†   Club Twilight provides a dance club atmosphere and limits entry to a limited number of people who can pay the cover price and are sufficiently well-dressed. Inside, there is a large dance floor surrounded by private booths and a bar at one end. There are three private rooms connected to the main room and a wizard who operates a magical item that has stored illusory versions of various popular songs. Patrons can pay more to get additional services, such as a private booth or room, the ability to request a song, or a dedicated waiter to bring you drinks. There are rumors about a "secret menu" that includes more questionably legal services, but if that is true, it's obviously not advertised.
Dance club


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