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Wardens of the Written Word

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The Wardens of the Written Word (WWW) are a secretive order of women dedicated to safeguarding Bridgeport's Great Library's hidden secrets. With discretion and unparalleled dedication, these women protect invaluable knowledge from falling into the wrong hands. They work under the disguise of ordinary librarians among the library's staff while employing their skills and influence to maintain the integrity of the library and its precious contents.  


The primary goal of the Wardens is to protect the ancient and powerful secrets contained within the Great Library's lower levels. The Wardens must prevent unauthorised access, thwart potential threats, and entrust only the most trustworthy and capable individuals with the library's hidden knowledge. They aim to preserve the wisdom and power held within these secrets for future generations.  


The Wardens at the Great Library of Bridgeport consist of twelve highly trained women who blend seamlessly into the regular library staff, which numbers twenty-four. Each Warden is a master of subterfuge, skilled in both the art of deception and the practical aspects of their library duties. They are meticulous in their approach, ensuring that new librarians are thoroughly vetted before being considered for the Wardens. If a librarian proves to be trustworthy, they are slowly introduced to the order and its mission.  


The Wardens are armed with an array of concealed weapons, reflecting their need for subtlety and efficiency. They carry quills dipped in poison, which can double as daggers or darts, allowing them to strike swiftly and lethally if necessary. Furthermore, they employ belts, ropes, and chains to swiftly immobilise adversaries, ensuring threat neutralisation with minimal disturbance. Their weaponry is as versatile as it is deadly, perfectly suited to their covert operations.  
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Command Structure

Each Chapter consists of one High Warden, three to five Wardens, and a maximum of two Trainees. There are three Chapters with one Highwarden and three Wardens each protecting the Great Library in Bridgeport.  
High Wardens
One woman with full knowledge of the library's secrets sits at the top of the hierarchy. Each High Warden leads a group of three to five Wardens, guiding and overseeing their activities.  
These Wardens have less knowledge than the High Wardens but are still well-versed in many of the library's secrets. They carry out the day-to-day operations and protective duties.  
New recruits who have proven their trustworthiness are assigned to one of the three groups as trainees. They undergo rigorous training and are gradually introduced to the order's secrets.
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Other Chapters of the order exist outside of Bridgeport. They typically communicate through concealed messages in books or by embedding instructions within delivery requests.  


The training process for new recruits is intensive and thorough. Trainees are taught the arts of subterfuge, combat, and the intricacies of library management. They learn how to handle the Wardens' unique weaponry and are trained in various techniques to immobilise and neutralise threats. Their training also includes a deep dive into the library's secrets, ensuring they understand the importance of their mission.   If a trainee fails to meet the Wardens' high standards or exhibits unacceptable behaviour, they are removed from the order and the library staff. Their memories are altered, and they are placed in positions such as private librarians or clerks, ensuring their departure appears as a voluntary career change.


2011 PB
Founding of the Great Library: The Great Library is established as a centre of knowledge and learning.  
2070 PB
Formation of the Wardens of the Written World: The secret order is created to protect the secrets and valuable knowledge held within the library. Elara Winterfrost (dwarf, adult) is appointed as the first High Warden of the order. She establishes many of the protocols still in use today.  
2230 PB
The Shadow War: The Wardens engage in a covert conflict with a rival organisation that is attempting to steal knowledge from the library. The Wardens emerge victorious, but at great cost.  
2245 PB
The Silent Coup: An internal betrayal leads to an attempted coup within the Wardens. High Warden Aria Nightfall successfully quells the rebellion, ensuring the loyalty of her members.  
2270 PB
The Disappearance of the Tome of Secrets: The Tome of Secrets vanishes from the lower levels. The Wardens launch a massive search, eventually recovering it from the library of a private collector.  
2320 PB
The Breach of the Lower Levels: An unknown force breaches the lower levels. The Wardens repel the invaders, reinforcing the defences and uncovering a plot to steal ancient knowledge.  
2321 PB
Lockdown: The library is closed for fifteen years due to incidents happening inside. The Wardens seal the library to reopen and cleanse it 14 years later. They need a full year to make the library secure again.  
2370 PB
The Great Purge: The Wardens uncover a conspiracy within the library staff. Selene Dawnsinger leads a purge, removing all untrustworthy elements.  
2410 PB
Founding of Bridgeport: The settlement around the Great Library becomes the city of Bridgeport.  
2420 PB
The Creation of Arcadia: The elven enclave Arcadia is established within Bridgeport, and the Wardens forge an alliance with the elves to protect shared knowledge.  
2445 PB
The Hidden Library: The Wardens move forbidden texts into an area with additional protection, called "The Hidden Library", to protect the texts as well as the library.  
2470 PB
The Phantom Threat: An unknown entity begins targeting the library. The Wardens investigate and neutralise the threat, ensuring the library's safety.  
2545 PB
The Technomagic Revolution: The Wardens adopt new technomagic practices, enhancing their capabilities and defences.  
2570 PB
The Great Unveiling: The Wardens reveal their existence to a few selected allies, strengthening their network and resources.  
2645 PB
The Arcane Cataclysm: A magical catastrophe from within threatens the library. The Wardens prevent the library's destruction and secure their place as protectors.
The map of Bridgeport, a harbour city located in the south of Farenia, showcases a maritime center characterized by vibrant activity and bustling trade. Unlike other cities in Farenia, Bridgeport's harbour opens onto a different sea, setting it apart and granting it a unique status. To bolster its connectivity and reinforce its importance in regional trade, the ambitious Bridgeport Channel project is underway. Not everyone is pleased with the construction of the new channel, leading to a surge in violent resistance...  
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2011 PB
Overall training Level
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I was in a meeting recently with a librarian and our whole team walked away being like, "Librarians are magic" and "Librarians are badass!" All of which is to say that I loved reading this and finding out about this most excellent organization hiding in plain sight amongst the stacks.

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True, gonna adjust that. :)

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