Shadow Wilds

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The Shadow Wilds, a dark forest located in the northeast of Bridgeport County, is a place that no one dares to enter. The forest is shrouded in darkness, and an eerie silence fills the air. Legend has it that the Shadow Wilds are cursed, and anyone who enters will never return. The few sheep that have wandered into the forest have fallen prey to the Night Shriekers, terrifying creatures that call the Shadow Wilds home.   Despite the dangers, there are rumors that the Shadow Wilds hold a great treasure, attracting adventurers and treasure hunters. However, none have returned to confirm the existence of such treasure, and most people in Bridgeport believe it to be a myth.   Those who live near the edge of the Shadow Wilds avoid the area at all costs, and some even believe that the forest is alive and watches their every move. Superstitious tales claim that the forest is home to witches and other dark creatures, and that the shadows themselves will consume anyone who dares to venture too close.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.

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