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In the bustling streets of Bridgeport County, there's a pint-sized peddler named Shurosh, a gnomish merchant with a keen eye for opportunity. With shoulder-length brown hair and a shaggy beard, he stands out from the crowd, not only for his appearance but for his uncanny ability to sell things people never knew they needed.   Decked in a vibrant green beret cap, Shurosh weaves through the busy thoroughfares, his large backpack and bulging sacks of wares bobbing with each step. His little legs move quickly, guiding him effortlessly through the crowd as he calls out in a cheerful voice, "Step right up! Step right up! The finest goods in all of Bridgeport County, for all your daily needs and more!"   As he sets up his makeshift stall on a street corner, curious onlookers gather around, their eyes drawn to the eclectic assortment of items on display. From practical tools for everyday life to ornate trinkets with little use, Shurosh seems to have something for everyone. With a mischievous glint in his eye, he knows how to tempt even the most discerning customer.   He effortlessly demonstrates the utility of a sturdy multi-tool, convincing a passerby of its indispensable value. Next, he presents a gleaming, intricately carved ornament, claiming it to be a family heirloom of great significance. Shurosh masterfully spins a tale of its ancient origins, and soon the buyer is enamoured and ready to part with their coins.  
Bridgeport Street by Tillerz using MidJourney
  But Shurosh's true artistry lies in selling the unnecessary. With persuasive charm, he convinces a woman she needs a set of sparkling crystals to bring good luck, even though she was sceptical of their mystical properties moments before. Another customer finds himself entranced by a pocket-sized perpetual calendar.   He chuckles as he observes the delighted faces of his customers, knowing that they will soon become each other's unwitting buyers and sellers. Shurosh excels at creating a cycle of commerce by happily buying back items from his customers for a lesser price, only to re-introduce them to someone new moments later.   Though some may call his tactics cunning or even sly, there's no denying that Shurosh brings a unique flair to the streets of Bridgeport County. With a clever twinkle in his eye and a never-ending array of wares, he enchants those he encounters, leaving them with both useful tools and curious curiosities.   As the sun begins to set, casting a warm glow upon the streets, Shurosh packs up his portable stall and adjusts his green beret cap. With a satisfied smile, he knows that tomorrow will bring another day of adventure and that he'll continue to be the best at selling things people never knew they needed.  
Useful wares
flint and steel
insect repellents
lantern oil
little hand drums
playing cards
reading glasses
sewing materials
shoe patches
small leather bags / purses
small packs of salt
travel-sized books
wool socks
Not so useful wares
A "Lucky" Rock: A small, ordinary pebble claimed to bring good fortune.
  Never-Dying Plant: A potted plant that doesn't require water or sunlight but also never grows or blooms.
  Invisible Ink Pen: A pen that supposedly writes with invisible ink, but it's just an ordinary pen without any magical properties. And also without ink.
  Fake Moustache Set: A set of adhesive moustaches in various styles that never stick properly and fall off easily.
  Daydream Catcher: A decorative hoop with colourful feathers meant to catch daydreams, but it's purely for decoration.
  Sock Puppet Mittens: Mittens with sock puppet faces on them, but they're not practical for keeping hands warm.
  "Endless" String: A ball of string claimed to be never-ending, but it's just a normal ball of string.
  The travel books were acquired from Elise who runs the bookshop Run for Cover.  
This is GM information
The Wanderer's Serendipity: Shurosh appears only to those whose hearts are open to the wonders of chance. He graces their paths when least expected, weaving serendipity into their lives without the aid of magic. Seek not, and he shall find you.   Enchanted Backpack: Shurosh's large backpack isn't just for carrying wares; it's an enchanted item with a vast, pocket-dimension-like interior. He can fit an astonishing number of items in it, no matter their size, thanks to the hidden magic.   Mystery of the Green Beret: Shurosh's green beret cap is no ordinary accessory. Passed down through generations of gnomish peddlers, it is said to grant luck and success to those who wear it while selling their goods. Its magical properties remain a closely guarded secret.   Past Adventurer: Before becoming a peddler, Shurosh led a life of adventure. He travelled far and wide, exploring distant lands, facing mythical creatures, and uncovering ancient artefacts. Some of the trinkets he now sells come from his own adventurous past.   Artisan's Heart: Shurosh has a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and artisanal skills. He actively seeks out unique items created by skilled artisans, offering them a platform to showcase their talents alongside his whimsical wares.   Mentor to the Young: Shurosh takes young aspiring peddlers under his wing, imparting his wisdom and knowledge of the trade. He teaches them the art of storytelling, salesmanship, and the value of humour when it comes to enchanting customers. His current apprentice is Martine, but despite her age of twelve, she is already peddling like a pro.   Hidden Philanthropy: Though he appears to be solely focused on sales, Shurosh secretly sets aside a portion of his earnings to help those in need throughout Bridgeport County. He discreetly supports Lili's Orphanage, shelters, and struggling artisans, providing much-needed assistance to the less fortunate.   Connection to Fae: Shurosh has fae blood running through his veins and a natural connection to the world of fae and nature. His close ties to the fae realm grant him access to rare materials and magical trinkets that he occasionally includes in his collection, but only to those who show genuine respect for nature.   Timeless Wanderer: Despite his appearance, Shurosh is much older than he seems. Gnomes are known for their longevity, and he has wandered the streets of Bridgeport County for centuries, serving generations of customers. His fae blood even allows him to become far older than other gnomes.   The Greatest Regret: Among all the amusing tales and clever tricks, Shurosh carries a hidden burden. He regrets not being able to reunite with his long-lost love from his adventuring days. This secret sorrow fuels his desire to bring joy to others, hoping to mend the void in his heart.  

Plot Hooks

The Time-Loop Relic: Shurosh unwittingly sells an ordinary-looking trinket that holds the power to create a time loop. The party must find its new onwer, retrieve the relic from them, and prevent the consequences of an endless loop from cascading through time, all while trying to track down the ever-elusive Shurosh to undo the temporal mess.   The Faerie's Favour: Shurosh claims he can grant the party a single favour from the fae. In return, they must complete three challenging tasks set forth by the elusive peddler. In exchange for the promise of a significant favour from the faerie realm, the tasks take them to distant locations and put their resolve to the test.   The Kindness Challenge: Shurosh challenges the party to a competition of kindness, where they must perform as many acts of goodwill as they can within a limited time. The winner will receive a gift of great significance. Shurosh will monitor their progress in disguise.   The Gnomish Riddle: The party comes across a series of cryptic riddles left behind by Shurosh, leading them on a treasure hunt across the countryside. They must decipher the riddles, solve puzzles, and brave various challenges to reach the final destination, where they'll discover an ancient artefact with a power they never imagined.



Apprentice (Important)

Towards Shurosh




Mentor (Important)

Towards Martine




Martine introduced Shurosh to the mushroom kingdom of Shroomeria, and Shurosh has shown her the fae realm of Mag Mell.

Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.
Current Location
Aligned Organization
Companion and Apprentice
Martine by Tillerz using MidJourney

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