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The tale unfolds within the realm of Alana, specifically within the bustling confines of the Farenian Empire - a dominion born of human hands. Our present stage is set in Bridgeport, a coastal trading hub that proudly claims its status as the primary settlement of Bridgeport County. It is the fourth month of the year, when the burgeoning summer struggles to coax the land into warmth. Yet, despite its efforts, the nights remain shrouded in a lingering chill.   As the sun casts its radiance upon Bridgeport's cobblestones, the denizens brace themselves for the imminent week-long revelry, aptly titled the "Festival of the Rusty Pipe".   The city burgeons with a kaleidoscope of faces, a perpetual symphony of clamour that seems to find solace only in the small hours. The influx of new arrivals by boat, cart from Holinda, or on foot paints a vivid tapestry of anticipation. A fortunate few, their pockets padded with coin, alight from airships courtesy of the Royal Airship Company of Farenia - a fleet journeying from either the imperial heart of Queenshaven or the elven capital, Olena Ora.   Navigating the thoroughfares becomes a Herculean task, with every inch of road claimed by the masses. The market bazaar roars with merchants hawking their wares, their voices elevated above the tumult. Opportunistic beggars seize this moment to garner a modest windfall, while nimble-fingered thieves deftly relieve unsuspecting souls of their possessions, their hands working in shadows unseen amidst the throng.   As dusk casts its shadow, the city's inhabitants scramble for shelter, their prospects dimming by the minute. Outside the city's protective walls, tents sprout like mushrooms, the cost of each unit mirroring the sly wit of their vendors. The vigilant Black Guard has cordoned off an allocated area for camping, its limited boundaries attempting to rein in the swelling masses. The never-ending tide of humanity, which knows no respite, dwarfs their efforts. Adjacent to this makeshift settlement, the colourful pavilions of Cirque de Solani rise, promising a spectacle that matches the fervour of the festival itself.
Bridgeport County
Most southern part of Farenia.
  In this juncture of bustling activity, a semblance of calm clings to the air, an anticipation that mingles with the symphony of a thousand voices. Or so it seems—for in a city like Bridgeport, surprises are as abundant as the traders' coins.   Short introduction to Alana  

And so it begins.

  You step foot in Bridgeport (or Holinda), eager to uncover the mystery behind the "Festival of the Broken Pipe." The entire town is abuzz with chatter about this event, yet no one seems to have experienced it firsthand. Even the seasoned residents of Bridgeport are caught up in the curiosity and excitement, eager to witness the spectacle themselves.   Go to Character Creation.

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