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Gashan Zimah (guh-SHAHN ZIH-muh)

Gashan Zimah was an explorer from the planet Irionis 3. She was the first to detect the faint signals of life from Earth in approximately 3000 BC and decided to investigate. Horrified to find the primitive planet being exploited by the Galeuns, she set out to help humanity by investigating and reporting the crimes she noticed.

She blended with the natives and did extensive research, documenting her findings before sending them off-world using her ship's automated pilot. That data was recovered by the Galeun space station in orbit and entered into their database. While they considered her research biased and misguided, they did find her reports on the local heigherarchy and population structures to be extremely helpful. They did not pass her reports on.

According to her reports, Gashan found love among the humans, becoming attracted to a man named Susuda who she felt had great promise as a ruler. While she refused to bear him children lest she pollute the human genome, she did remain as his mistress and councilor. Her ability to blend with the culture and gather intelligence became legendary, despite her decision not to return to her earlier career as an explorer.

Susuda ruled his region for approximately 200 years, with his lifespan likely extended by his interactions with Gashan. He rebelled against the Galeun influence on his kingdom and drove them out during that time.

The name Gashan has been memorialized and even today is used to symbolize secret intelligence gathering forces in some countries.

While most of Gashan's life story has been lost, the Spaceport Crew Members discovered her history in the database of the Space Station Earth and have revived her story by turning it into a novel.

Copies of the book as well as dolls and action figures are available at the Gift Shop.

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Irionis 3
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