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Sumerian (soo·meh·ree·uhn)

Earthlings have been aware of the existence of beings outside of their planet for millenia. This interdiction is ridiculous.
— Galeun Ambasador speaking to Galactic Tribunal

Who Were the Sumerians?

The ancient Sumerians (4100-1750 BC) were a group of loosely aligned cities in the region of Mesopotamia known as Sumer, considered the first civilization on Earth. These people believed their gods came from a planet called Nibiru. They left behind clues to their experience with extra terrestrials in their writings and artifacts.


These surprisingly advanced people invented such things as the wheel, writing, and the 24-hour clock. Other inventions include arithmetic, geometry, sandals, the lunar calendar, harpoons, ways to make copper, and beer. Modern humans owe much of their lifestyle to this ancient civilization. This is the source of the controversy and the source of a class action suit that has been filed in the Galactic Alliance courts.

Sumerian tablet depicting aliens and space ships
by Deleyna via Midjourney

Why the Sumerians Matter

Some think that some Sumerian tablets (replicas sold at the Spaceport Gift Shop) depict alien interference with human development, even abductions.

One tablet in particular seems to show several races of aliens including the Galeuns and possibly the Harperions deliberately interfering with humanity's development, long before the planet was even marginally legal for contact.

The Galeuns in particular have disputed this claim, but the presence of their established orbital space station in Earth's atmosphere as well as their abundance of human slaves works against them in this challenge.

As is typical, the Harperions have not responded to any charges, and it appears their interference may have been accidental.

Sumerian tablet depicting aliens and space ships
by Deleyna via Midjourney

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Aria (desert), Gashan (lady), Minussa (bride), Sagmi (slave-girl)

Masculine names

Gitlam (lover), Malah (sailor), Urbarra (wolf)

Family names

Shabra (administrator), Temen (foundation), Zimah (lofty)


Beauty Ideals

Known as the "dark headed people"

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