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Sumerian Tablets

Three unusual tablets were found in a dig site in southern Iraq that describe and depict the interactions of the ancient Sumerians with visitors from the stars. While the tablets are damaged, the images are clear enough to recognize several known races including the Galeuns and Harperions.

Tablet 1

The first tablet tells the story of the visit of a space ship, bringing beings the people welcomed as gods. These beings taught them many things and the people were grateful for their gifts.

Sumerian tablet depicting aliens and space ships
by Deleyna via Midjourney
Sumerian tablet depicting aliens and space ships
by Deleyna via Midjourney

Tablet 2

This tablet is from a slightly later period and shows more advanced writing. It gives instructions for building and manufacturing. The author also made an attempt to record the way these individuals looked. While the Harperion involvement is unsure, the Galeun shown in the lower right is accurate and recognizable.

Tablet 3

Lastly, this tablet details the process for smelting copper and explains that this gift was given in exchange for a number of people agreeing to go with the gods and serve them as slaves. This was considered a great honor for those taken, and the image of the ship using its beam to take the chosen up into their ship is repeated several times. Several of the more prominent citizens are mentioned by name, recording the event as an honor for them.

Sumerian tablet depicting aliens and space ships
by Deleyna via Midjourney

At the Spaceport, these tablets are valued because they gave proof that the Galeuns had been interacting with humans in violation of the interdiction for millenia. Their suit to the Galactic Alliance for reparations is ongoing.

Replicas of these tablets are available for purchase at the Spaceport Gift Shop. Profit from purchases of the tablets go towards the expulsion of the Galeuns from the neighborhood and attempts to find and free the humans who have been taken by them.

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Item type
Unique Artifact
Related ethnicities
18 x 6 inches
Raw materials & Components
fired clay

Cover image: by Deleyna via Midjourney


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