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Percival Kreen

General Percival Galus Kreen

He watched as Astrona Emberwild was overwhelmed. Only then did he let the fatal wound he sustained take him, the final victim of the Cataclysm Wars.
— Riallin Renala, Elven author of 'The Demise of the Dark Council'


General Percival Kreen was the highest ranking individual of the Dawn's Guard during The Cataclysm War. He was present at all the major battles during those nine years, from the assault on the The Sanmire Estate, after which he was promoted to General, to The Siege of Arkran. He died mere moments after Astrona Emberwild was destroyed.  

Early Life

By all accounts, Percival Kreen's upbringing was unremarkable. The Kreen family were not nobility, but had enough money to send Percival to the best school in Dawnstone, where he is noted as not excelling in any particular subject. Like many who are yet to find their strengths and their purpose, Kreen found his way into the military.  

Military Career

Kreen excelled in his early years in the Dawn's Guard. The decades prior to the breakout of the Cataclysm War were largely focused on skirmishes with the Orc population, whenever they had a leader who was on the bloodlust end of the spectrum. During that time, those leaders changed frequently. Within a few years, Kreen was promoted to Sergeant. By the age of 38, he had risen to the rank of Lieutenant General, one of the youngest recorded in history.  

The Cataclysm War

The Cataclysm War's official start is typically regarded as being the assault on the Sanmire Estate, which aimed to rid the world of the last vampire - Sanmire . General Neryn Tiemelt was killed in that fight, after which Kreen was selected for the highest serving role.   During the wars, he was present at the Defense of the Ancestral Tree, which saw Thanoth 'Nightcarver' Gathakanaki and the Circle of the Ancestors corrupted by the Lich Vaedrin. He was also present in the fights that saw Dreadfang killed and Mohzall re-imprisoned in the Erdrelm.  


In the final battle, The Siege of Arkran, he sustained a fatal wound. No-one is entirely sure when he received, or who dealt it. Some believe it was Nicisa Elnain, who was one of the first of The Council of Nine to fall, others believe it was Drakk the Brutal, who was the penultimate. Either way, he soldiered on, and likely took down many corrupted souls before finally succumbing to the wound, shortly after the battle had concluded. Whilst the battle, and the war, technically ended with Astrona Emberwild's death, General Percival Kreen is honoured as the final victim of The Cataclysm War.
Date of Death
55 BCE 0 BCE 55 years old
Circumstances of Death
The last casualty of the Cataclysm War.
Place of Death
Grey, short. (Originally dark brown).
Aligned Organization


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