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Drakk the Brutal

Even over the cacophony of war, you could still hear Drakk's battle-cries urging his warriors to fight with all that they had.
— Raiban Elswort, Lieutenant of the Dawn's Guard and survivor of the Assault of the Dark Council's Fortress

The Brutal

Drakk was always strong, even amongst orcs. Growing up, he could always outmuscle his peers. He was also quick to anger. He believed orcs to be the superior race and resented the fact that the Orc race had made peace with their non-Orc neighbours, especially the humans to the south. In 12BCE, at the age of 20, he challenged the then Chieftain for the leadership of the Orc people. Unfortunately, the Chieftain, Hunga the Wise, was not amongst the most skilled of fighters and even if he had, peacetime had left Hunga without battle experience for a good many years. Meanwhile, Drakk had been rising through the Orc armies, fighting the natural threats of the Mundas Basin. Drakk was by far the better fighter and the contest was over quickly, ending with Drakk crushing Hunga's skill in with his bare hands.  

Joining the Council

According to Astrona's own notes, Drakk was the first member to be recruited. Drakk and his hundred fearsome warriors, The Brutal Fist, provided an instant boon to the Council's battle capabilities and aided persuading others to join them later on. Her notes also have frequent mentions of having to curb Drakk's inherent bloodlust, particularly in those early days.  

During the War

Drakk was present in many of the skirmishes over the course of the Cataclysm Wars. Whilst a fearsome warrior, he was also a surprisingly astute strategist. He was instrumental in planning the assault that allowed The Dark Council (before it reached the full roster of nine) to claim the city of Arkran as their fortress.  


Orc culture immediately learnt from their mistakes and implemented a new code. Even whilst seeking and living in peace with the other nations of Aldenia, the Chieftain must remain battle ready so as not to fall the same way Hunga the Wise did. The 'Brutal' moniker was also banned out of respect and as part of the peace deals that followed the end of the War.
32 BCE 1 BCE 31 years old
Blood red
Black, braided.


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