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Nicisa Elnain

Nicisa Elnain


Official reports of Nicisa Elnain are few and far between due to the way she operated. The lack of reliable accounts of her appearance only confirms how effective she was as an assassin. The only descriptions of Nicisa that can be trusted are ones that came from Astrona Emberwild and Lothaire's personal journals that were retrieved after The Siege of Arkran. Even then, they were not overly descriptive. She is described as being beautiful, fair-skinned and tall for a woman with long blonde hair.    

Before the Nine

The journals also confirm her as an Elf of High Elven blood. Though, this was presumed due to her name as Nicisa Elnain isn't a real name. Nicisa is the singular third-person form of the verb 'to charm' in Elven (and also the Old Tongue, as it happens). Elnain literally means 'of the Nine' in Elvish. High Elf culture is a particularly proud one so whomever Nicisa's real family was must have struck her name from all records once her exploits were first revealed to the world - or at least to them. As such, almost absolutely nothing is known about her upbringing - other than the natural assumptions made from her being High Elven. The only detail that is known again comes from the journals, which confirm her birth year - by way of her age at the time - being 212 BCE.  

The Assassin

Nicisa Elnain's reputation as an assassin well precedes her inclusion into the Nine. The first references to Nicisa's handiwork come a full century before the The Cataclysm War. She is regarded as being an experienced and effective seductress and would often sleep with her victims - male or female - prior to assassinating them.  

During the War

With the mysterious Syllen Olalynn and Astrona as the founders of what became the The Council of Nine, Nicisa was the fourth member, following Drakk the Brutal as the second recruit. Astrona remarks in her journal that Nicisa was an obvious choice due her reputation as being one of the world's deadliest assassins.
212 BCE 1 BCE 211 years old
Irallien (presumed).
Aligned Organization


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