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Syllen Olalynn

Syllen Olalynn

The mysterious Syllen Olalynn is a focus of a lot of debates. The only fact we can be sure of is that his services were valued by the Council, whatever they may have been. No matter what they were, his name is associated with all of their dark deeds too.
— Tivon Ressler, Human historian & author of the book 'The Dark Council'

Before the Nine

No one really knows anything about Syllen before the creation of the Council and there is very little information following either. It is not even an undebatable truth that Syllen was their real name. All the information regarding Syllen comes from the personal notes of Grevlin Doomwrench and Lothaire, fellow Council members and the Council's founder, Astrona Emberwild - the only place where their surname is mentioned. This is in the sentence detailing the turning of Orsa Algrun. The only other known recorded act of Syllen Olalynn comes from Lothaire's journal.  

Known Appearance

The mad Gnome Grevlin Doomwrench's notes refer to a Half-Elf giving him the idea for an invention. Since none of the other seven members were known to be Half-Elves, this means that Syllen had to be this unnamed person. This is the only description of Syllen ever recorded and it provides no other details other than their race, not even gender.  

Attributed Acts

Syllen appears to have to have recruited Orsa Algrun to the Council's cause. How they achieved this feat, like most of the details surrounding the Half-Elf, is unknown.   Syllen was also the one who recruited Lothaire into their ranks, according to Lothaire's own journal. Lothaire kept a surprisingly detailed journal but even that was sparse on details. It only mentions Syllen twice. Once regarding Syllen's initial approach and later on Lothaire mentions that Syllen is whispering into the Dwarven General's ear.   This is likely to a precursor to that General's defection to the Council's army. Syllen is also referred to as The Trickster by Lothaire in his journal, leading scholars to believe that Syllen may have had a hand many of the unexplained sudden changes in character during The Cataclysm Wars. The prevailing opinion is that they were also behind The Folly of Umba Garrat.   They were likely a secretive figure, keeping to the shadows and influencing important figures.  


It is assumed they perished with the rest of the Council during the final assault on their stronghold at the end of the war. There was a Half-Elf that fought and fell with the Nine. Though, some scholars are not sure that Syllen was even mortal and based on Lothaire's nickname for them - The Trickster - could actually be a physical form of one of the evil trickery gods. Since no gender was ever recorded, there are many options and opinions as a result.
Known As
The Trickster

Year of Death
Aligned Organization


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