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Ion the Evoker


The human known only as Ion the Evoker was a human wizard who worked directly for the Navigator, Chagroth Durinhelm in the pivotal years before the Shattering of the Moon. Known for his devastating use of battle magic, he was one of the first members of the Lords of Greystone. He went on to found House Ionite and eventually died luring the Elder Evils out of our world to end the War Against the Far Realm.

My ancestors hated "Chaggy's Troublemakers". That's what they we called before they became "Lords & Ladies". The orcs of Borthakar ran up against them dozens of times and we knew that any sighting of "The Red One" meant fireballs, lightning, and meteors from on high. He bled and burned us without mercy and we respected Old Ion for it!

The founder of House Ionite was saved from the Disintegration of Kirinal as an infant under mysterious circumstances. He graduated from Wizard's Peak University and adventured with the Lords of Greystone in the years between the Kirinal Catastrophes.

He and his friends were direct agents of Chagroth Durinhelm, carrying out missions for him and becoming the greatest heroes of their age. He was instrumental in preventing the mind flayers from snuffing out the sun and in turning back the zombie kaiju that threatened to prevent the Discharging of the Kirinal Pit.

He led an illustrious life and built a family for himself. He was one of the leaders in defense of the world during the War Against the Far Realm. Eventually, he perished in the claws of the Tambanokano while bringing about the end of the Far War and assisting with the Withdrawal of the Gods.

The Return of the Evoker

Ion's descendant, Paz Ionite recently reported an encounter with her famous ancestor. The reknowned socialite tells the tale of how she was possessed by her ancestor. Illithid agents had trapped his soul in the extraplanar ruins of Lost Kirinal. They were experimenting with methods to bring their masters, the Great Old Ones back into the the world of Erathia.

Their experiments brought back Ion's soul, but his mind sought refuge in the closest member of his bloodline. Ion awoke in his great-great-granddaughter's body in the Bayani-Sun Casino. Paz/Ion led a group of adventurers through a portal to rescue Ion's soul.

Under myserious circumstances, Ion's transcendant magic from a previous age manifested in the world for a brief moment. He obliterated their enemies and gifted his personal magic items to his descendant. The Divine Gate inevitably exerted it's pull on him and he returned to the realms beyond.

3005 FA 3060 FA 55 years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization

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