Escape From Kirinal

..... Ion is able to slip past the war zone undetected, as the warring armies stand hypnotized by the devastation that they unknowingly have awakened. He reaches the outskirts of the war torn city, and looks back at the place he once called home.   As he gazes upon the center of Kirinal, now swallowed by the moving earth, he notices a blinding sphere of light appear within its center. Suddenly, the sphere emits an exploding ring of energy. This immense energy rapidly stretches across the city, decimating everything within its path. As the energy continues to grow, Ion, plagued by fatigue, realizes that he can no longer outrun this destructive force.   He looks down sorrowfully at the orphan child who has now begun to cry. Ion sits down with the baby, and softly says to the child, "You don't even have a name...".   Ion uncovers a bracelet on his wrist decorated with his name and a single clover. He removes it, places it in the orphan's hand and says, "...there, that's better".   He turns his back upon the city, facing the child toward the rest of the world, yet untouched by the power that is now upon them. As the force engulfs them, he embraces the child and closes his eyes….   -Ion the First, a Wizard of Kirinal

Cover image: World of Wizard's Peak World Header by Gillian Galang


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